Friday, February 13, 2009

11 years and counting

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Dating. . . 11+ years ago.  Holy high hair batman.



Engagement photo, 98.



We have such baby faces!  Dan's cuz he's so cute and sweet looking and me because I have the chubby chin rolls of an infant.



We had some good times as our family grew.  99



We had some bad times.  01



And more good times as our family continued to grow.  02



First (and only) home. . . been here almost 7 years now!  02



And our family continued to grow!  04



We made a pretty nice family.  05



And have done some fabulous family outings.  (look how skinny I am!)  06



Went through a few hair colors. . . 07



And had our share of Red Robin burgers.  Yum.  07



We can be goofy.  07



Many a crazy photo op.  07



All because two people fell in love.  07


 Copy of IMG_6843

Here to eternity, baby.  Love ya.  08


The Bluths said...

I won't hold that high hair against you, I promise. Danny's funny in those first photos, did he not know how to smile? :)

Anonymous said...

That was cute post!


marisa said...

That's awesome! Congrats! My hair was even higher than that..sad. Great pics!

Jerry said...

Congratualtions! In this day and time it is great to see couples like you make a success out of your relationship. I know it ain't all easy all the time very, very few marriage are that way.

I have a neat chart concerning chocolate on my blog today.
I know chocolate is dear to your heart also :)

God bless,

LIZZEE said...

Great Pics.. Happy Anniversary hope you have a wonderful anniversay whatever you to do.
Congrats on 11 years and counting.

Christine #2 said...

So sweet. Hope you enjoyed the day Dan planned for you. Sophie free!!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Brilliant tribute.. Heres to you and Dan and many more happy, family, goofy, fun and photo op moments! Congrats! :)

JacksonFamily said...
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Melissa said...

Congrats on 11 years. That will be mine this year too. Such a fun array of pics. And y'all look awesome!

Carrie said...

What a great post! You have a beautiful family Amie!

p.s. I wouldn't even call that high hair! You should have seen the 12 foot wave I had on my head!

Lorie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mike & Kenia said...

That was a good summary of your life.....Congrats....Kenia

Becca said...

What beautiful pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing!

adlibby said...

Great post... kind of a slide show of your life. That sounds easier than scrapbooking to me... I just might try it. (Not Scrapbooking -- no way! But maybe a series of ten pictures could be accomplished.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. How fun to remember the years. Tammi

Margee' said...

Love your post! If I did one for each year in our marriage, people would get bored looking at that many pics.
You have a cute family, enjoy them.


heather said...

how fun to see all these pictures.

Betsy said...

You have a beautifull family... and a very cute couple

Carca said...

what a great post!!!!!!!!!