Monday, February 16, 2009

so much i want to say but the tylenol with codeine is wearing off, so. . .

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Many of you know (hopefully most of you from reading my last blog post) that last Friday was our anniversary.  Yes, the day before Valentine's Day.  At the time, we felt it was quite romantic and cool and made of awesome and all that.  In retrospect, it was a terrible idea.  Nothing is ever on sale the weekend of Valentine's Day-not hotels, roses, chocolate-nothing.  And we have to pretty much share our most romantic day with everyone else.  So for the most part, we celebrate it usually a month later or so.

As was supposed to be the case this year.  We have planned a little retreat in March up in a bed & breakfast located in Snowflake, hoping to eat out a bit, see the sights (in Snowflake?) and catch a temple session while there.  Really looking forward to it!  And pretty much didn't expect anything on our anniversary.

Expected to do daycare, go work out, spend most of the day without my significant other of 11 years, and just look forward to our big day in March.  However, Friday morning, hubby let on that he had different plans.  First off, he had excused all my daycare kiddos for the day.  And he's planned an "Amie and Danny's Day of Fun!" all on our own!  (well, along with Ethan here and there)  Pretty cool, eh?

We started out with a lovely brekky at Denny's-I know, all you food snobs are totally annoyed with my fixation with Denny's; I can't help it.  I love their cocoa, it's good cheap food, and we had a coupon for a free appetizer.  Score.  =)  So as soon as Princes #1 and 2 went to school, we took Ethan and went out for a bite. 

Once he was picked up by his bus, we went to see the movie "He's Just Not That into You."  (we had some gift cards from Christmas-thanks, Kaylene!)  I had mixed feelings about the movie. . . for a while, it really seemed like the writers were trying to portray the impression that marriages suck and the only happy people are those who live together and sleep around.  So, that wasn't so special.  By the end, I was happy with many of the plot resolutions, so in the end, I liked it, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not.  I'm on the fence.

Then, we picked up the kiddos a bit early from school (they love that) for some Red Robin burgers (I love that) where again we were able to use a free appetizer coupon (I am all about the free) and the kids ate and were relatively well behaved.

We exchanged gifts-he gave me a beautiful heart-diamond necklace that I love, and I finished funding his pimp-out-my-ride savings for some speakers and an amp for his truck. 

I didn't take any pictures.  I am lame.  But it was a great surprise anniversary.  Thank you honey.

The next day was Valentine's Day. I started by going to my CrossFit work out (I've been doing it for just over a week now and I'm wondering if I'm ever NOT going to be sore.  My back hurts so so so so so very much right now) with my neighbor.  She beat the pants off me.  I'm not sure if that's motivation or a deterrant, but I'm glad she came.

Then the primary presidency was kind enough to schedule a children's Valentine's activity from 3-5 (score!  free babysitting!) so we dropped them off and shot over to Olive Garden where the plan was to use a gift card from Christmas!  The plan. . .umm, yeah, we forgot to use the gift card.  Oh well, we'll just have to go back again some day.  We enjoyed lunch with CC and Mr. DJ and even saw some friends seated relatively close to us (shout out, Mr. & Mrs. S.!)  I hated my original order and sent it back (I hate doing that-anyone else?) but ended up very pleased with my fetuccine alfredo.

Next, we picked the kids up, got them situation with a babysitter, and headed to the temple.  What better place to spend an evening with your eternal companion than the closest place to Heaven on Earth, yes?

We left there, got some fun outfits at Goodwill (we love goofy shopping for each other there on date nights!) and headed on home via a pitstop at QT for some more hot cocoa.

Have I mentioned I love hot cocoa?  I think it's an addiction.

Anyway, it was an amazing weekend and I'm so glad to have it to share with Danny and my kiddos.  Monday is President's Day, so the kids will be off of school and again I will have no daycare kiddos so the boys are hoping for another "Mommy & the Boys Day of Fun! Part II!"

No pressure.  Any ideas??

Oh yeah, I hurt.  I'm sore.  Julie's husband Scott is killing us with this Cross Fit training.  Seriously.  All I want to do is lay down and never ever ever get up again.  Ever.  Ever.  I'd get up and grab some more painkillers but that would require getting up.  And reaching for the bottle.  And bending down to fill my cup.  And raising my arm to pop the pill in.  And swallowing.

All movements that are torture to me at the present.

Good times.

Have a good one everybody. 


LIZZEE said...

They say no pain no gain.. I'm not into pain so I gain Lol...
Sounds like you will come up with a great part II for the boys...
Can't wait to hear about it.. and The B & B will be amazing

Anonymous said...

What's cross-fit training?


Lorie said...

I am glad you had a good anniversary!! And you need to tell us a little more about Cross fit! SOunds interesting!

Have a great Mom and Boy Day of Fun Part II

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Awesome weekend!!!! I hope today was just as fun. :)
Hot cocoa.. I have a cup every morning at work.. it just makes me... merry! hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Great A/V Day celebration. take care, Tammi A

Carrie said...

How fun!!

Even though I am definitely a food snob, if I weren't fat and could coax my husband to go there more often, I'd do Denny's. " )

The Bluths said...

I didn't know you were doing cross fit. Ethan is doing it too at Luke Air force base with our friend. My brother does it in Wisconsin.

My workout this week is a killer! Man I'm tired...

So who won the giveaway?