Wednesday, February 18, 2009

12 of 12 pics

For more information about twelve-of-twelve, go to Susan's website.

12 of 12 for February. Nothing too exciting this month.


The state of my sink that morning. Yes, I know, FlyLady says never leave anything in the sink overnight, but these were clean, just air drying.


Our flowers have taken off in the back yard.


My babysittin' babe's stylin' shoes. She is all about the style.


The song I've been teaching myself on the piano. I. Love. This. Song. It's a little too high for me if I sing it in one octave but a little too low for me in another. I'm gonna video myself doin' it anyway cuz I am all about breakin' the rules.

No, not really.


This is where I fold laundry. This is where laundry ends up staying sometimes 2, 3 days at a time. I'm not perfect.


Just for kicks, Danny is collecting every rubber band he finds and storing it on/in this ball. It's become an obsession. He even has the kids stealing rubber bands to help him. Ethan calls them 'band-aids.'


Dan's latest puzzle. He gets obsessed with these too.


The required self-portrait. Did you know I take about 800 of these before I find one I'm happy with? Did you know I totally photoshop out my zits? True story. I ought to photoshop myself fuller lips. (I actually don't have anything even close to photoshop.)


Once I started taking pictures of myself, Little Prince #3 wanted in on the action. He wanted to make sure I caught his Turtle shirt on film. There you go buddy. Cowabunga.


We worked on Valentines the eve of the 12th. Do you remember as a kid always folding them and putting them in envelopes? Not any more. They don't even include envelopes in the Valentine boxes any more. Much easier. We stick a piece of candy on them with scotch tape and we're good to go.


This was Danny's Valentine's present-a CD of all my piano compositions. I taped it live using my digital camera, then just uploaded the audio. It's harsh and in poor quality with tons of reverb and background noise. He Loves It. =)

Blue Carnation

Worked with Sean on his Science Fair Project (studying the effect of dyed water on flower petals).


The Bluths said...

Well even though it is touched up, you look gorgeous in that picture!

Christine #2 said...

Beautiful picture, your eyes look amazing.

Yes, my little gal is pretty particular about her duds.

Carrie said...

WOW! You have some seriously gorgeous eyes! I always wanted green eyes, but got the blue ones. My green-eyed sister always said she had "puzzle" eyes when she was little. " )

And Flylady would not approve of my sink or countertop right now AT ALL!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Ooo I love science fair time! My kid wants to show off his clothes too... too bad he always closes his eyes for pictures...laffin.
I do the same thing {drying the dishes in the sink at night}
and my dear you are positively radiant.. no photoshop required! :)

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

I always love your random 12 of 12 pics. Who sings that song? I want to hear it :)

Amie said...

Jennifer--I seriously need your email address; I always want to comment to the things you say but I don't know how! It's Blue October and it's called "My Never."

And girls, thanks for all your kind comments on my picture! *blush!*

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

Hi Amie~
I thought I gave you my email -- I'd LOVE to hear from you. Your blog is one of the best!

Thanks for the song and artist, I'm off to go check it out on youtube.

rbkprincess @ hotmail . com

wittygal said...

Man, I have got to get started on my 12 of 12. Love the pics!!

Christy said...

I love that song! Can't wait to hear you rock it!

Carca said...

I am so glad to see that your laundry doesn't always get put away immediately!!! Everytime I have stopped by your house, it is ALWAYS in perfect order:)

Jenna said...

Your flowers look amazing and I love the self-portrait!