Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mommy and the boys' day of fun!! (part two!)

The winner of the M&Ms giveaway has been posted here!

Our last one on MLK Day was such a success, we had to repeat it yesterday for President's Day. Let me tell ya, these kids can wear you out! By 3:30 I seriously needed a nap, no joke!


We started off by going to Fry's to pick up a) doughnuts, b) chips, and c) bread. The children were smitten with these benches in front of the Fry's store. ("LOOK, MOM!" Chairs!!!!") Umm. . . because we don't have chairs at home? I felt so goofy taking this picture, but the Fry's workers were getting a kick out of their enthusiasm.


day of fun collage

Next we drove to a park where they nibbled on their doughnuts but mostly just played in the park. I would have loved to go to the huge main city park, but are you kidding me? It's so crowded on days' off like this, I didn't even consider it. This park was empty.

day of fun at park collage

From there, we crossed to the pond and fed ducks. Always highly amusing. (sorry about the quality in these. . . it's really hit and miss sometimes)

From there we picked up our three free RedBox DVD rentals for the day, some treats to eat them with, and headed on home for some down time and a movie.





While they were watching their movie, I planted my spring garden. (trying again, ever trying!) I planted zucchini, carrots, green onions, and tomatoes.

We then had a smorgasbord of a leftovers lunch and then hit up the board games. Each child got to pick one that we played for about half an hour.

twister collage

First up, Twister.

Adventure game

Next up, "H******** Adventure"-our self-made game started by Daddy and then decorated by the boys. They LOVE this game. I love the little game pieces I made with our pictures on them!

dipped strawberries

We took a bit of a time out to make some chocolate dipped strawberries.

trampoline collage

Next up, Ethan chose 'jumping on the trampoline' as our game.


Then they finished the last of their movie with a highly nutritious dinner of pizza rolls and cheese doodles. (What? At least there's protein in this one.)


Christine said...

Looks like a great time! I wanna come play on a day of fun!!!!!! Mmmmmmm now I want pizza rolls.....

tif-do said...

Look at you skinny twister player... and those chocolate covered strawberries look YUMMY!

LIZZEE said...

How fun for them...

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

You are THE BEST mom!! I've had your 'DAY OF FUN' motto in my head since you first posted it! Too funny! :)

Dahlene said...

I'm so jealous of your park expedition and feeding the ducks. The ducks are still down south, except for a few Canadians flying over once in awhile. It was 50 degrees in the afternoon, but we have snow everywhere. My kids went sledding for the holiday. We had fun, but I miss the warm Phoenix weather--and look at that green green grass in your back yard. Good job with planting your spring garden. I will start mine in April.

Christy said...

Cute family game! (Don't worry. I will not mention the title of that game.....this time anyway.)

wittygal said...


Christine #2 said...

I love pizza rolls. I sometimes do the Michelina's light pizza rolls. Less calories but satisfies that pizza craving.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Hello... Im tired!!!! What a wonderful day for your boys. I know they will remember it forever!
The game pieces are genius! What movies did they watch? Any reviews?
I hope your garden is bountiful! When Hunter and I say our prayers we will pray for your garden. hehee

One last thing... Funyuns and Malt Balls... this kid knows a TREAT! ;) hehee

Carca said...

What a fun day!! I loved the board game!!!

money mom said...

Love your Blog! it looks like you have a wonderful family! i have a 2 year old boy of my own and they can be so much fun but such a hand full to! lol love your pictures also!