Tuesday, February 24, 2009

how about this one then: 10 things i love about your blog

Cuz my post yesterday ruffled a few feathers (I expected that, and am OK with it), let's do the opposite now and talk about the things we really enjoy about each other's blogs.

1. Tags. I love silly random out-in-left-field tags that have no rhyme nor reason other than learning a bit about each other. I loved the picture one the other day, and those who have continued to play along, sharing the 6th picture from their 6th folder. I love the "10 random things about myself" posts... reading them always teaches me something about a new or old friend that I didn't previously know. Tags are fun; I have a hard time not participating in each and every one, although I know they do get on some peoples' nerves. ;)

2. Spiritual experiences. These are hard for me to share, not because I don't like them or feel uncomfortable about sharing them, but because they are just so personal, sometimes it's hard to get the true emotion and reverence out in typed word. I guess that would be the mark of a true writer, right? To be able to express those wonderful thoughts and feelings and experiences well in their blog, so much so that people weep when reading, forward to others, and bookmark for later reference. I love when people can share a learning experience that helps me want to be a better person.

3. Music in any form--I'm talking about sharing a video that they loved, or a song they performed at a talent show, to my own geeky poundings on the piano. Those are especially hard--to put yourself out there and show your talents like that...I wish there was more of that going on. I have one friend who is an amazing violinist and I so wish she would video herself playing and post it on her blog. I have other friends who are fantastic singers who would never have the guts to post themselves showcasing their talent, but I would so enjoy it. I love when my friends post videos of their kids performing--parents' pride at it's best. =)

4. Eye candy. My gal Lorie's got this one covered--she displays the prettiest and most interesting things found online, and reading her blog is just enjoyable. Others knit and display their creations, make children's clothes, take amazing photographs...the list goes on and on. I love looking at beautiful pictures of things people have made and created with their own hands.

5. Great recipes. I have pages and pages and folders full of recipes that I will make someday. Does anyone else do this? Especially if the recipe comes with great pictures or a video...yup, gets my creative (and digestive) juices flowing!

6. Old family and friend pictures. I love looking at pics of my friends and family from years ago--who doesn't, right? It's always a treat when a friend posts a picture from way back when, even if I'm not involved, it's fun to remember and visualize and imagine our friends in another time and place.

7. Great journal posts. Some people really do a lot of growing and working through things by writing them out and asking for the bloggy universe's opinions. You know how it is, sometimes it just feels good to write and get your ideas and feelings out. I can type much easier/faster/smarter than I can write with a pen. And sometimes, hashing it all out here (even if it doesn't get published) is great therapy.

8. Fantastic news and announcements--from new babies to weddings to ultra sound pictures to updates on job status, these are always great to read. 50% of the blogs I read are from people that do not live in my city or state, so obviously this has been the easiest way to keep in touch and feel slightly included in their lives. I love this about blogs.

9. Humor. Of course a big one. You know there are some people out there with this talent. And no matter what they write about, it's going to be funny. You're going to get a chuckle out of it. I wish I was one of those people; I aspire to be. But there are true life honest people who's each and every blog post is golden. (are golden? I can't remember the rule there-see? I'm not perfect!) I totally want to link to one gal and point her out, but she'll pee her pants out of embarassment. However, let's just say that she has two of the cutest daughters in existence and her hubby's name comes from the Bible. ;) Yep you, girl, you are a riot! Thanks for making me smile!

10. Those who try, for the sake of trying. Whether it's all in caps or multi colored, misspelled or set to auto-music, if you're trying, I'm gonna read it. If you're in my blog list, I'm gonna read it. Cuz I love learning about you, reading about your life, and staying in touch in just the simplest of ways thru the blogosphere.

What else do you enjoy reading about? What are your favorite kind of blogs? Are most of them people you know, or mostly strangers you've surfed into?


Casey Lu said...

A lot of the same things I love about other people blogs. Most of the ones I read are of people I know. I love scrappy blogs, eye candy blogs, and blogs that people can leave their wonderful spiritual experiences in the most awesome wording that brings tears to my eyes, because I can't seem to do it. Want to really bad but don't know how to word any of my posts to sound really profound or interesting. That is alright though, I am me and I am ok with that. :)

Christi said...

I enjoy reading blogs of people I would like to be friends with. I do read a few blogs of RL friends but most of my RL friends don't blog.

Casey Lu said...

I am definitely feeling TONS better this week. Got the house clean yesterday and think I am good for Saturday! I appreciate the offer and what you can help me do this week is you, me, and Christine maybe go out for lunch sometime this week, how about that?? To get myself out of the house other than to the doctor's. I can't wait for Saturday, I just have to dust, clean my scrap space, print some pictures, and figure out some layout ideas or make a few kits.

Dahlene said...

These are all the reasons I love blogging too.

Carrie said...

I am going to hi-jack your comments and tell you one more thing I hate!

I HATE PEOPLE WITH NO SENSE OF HUMOR! Geez people. Are you seriously that uptight? Criminy!

Boo-hoo that you lost a reader who is looking to be offended. : (

Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of blogs are the ones that are titled, "Life with the boys......." :)


Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

I don't read that many blogs because I limit myself. Otherwise, I'd spend all day sitting at the computer reading about everything and anything. Most of the ones I do read are from people I don't personally know (just realized that -- weird!!) Most are crafty type blogs with instructions or recipes -- others are just for humor relief :)

THEY'RE YOU GO!!!!!! Now you no why I read you're blog (heehee! Typos intentional!)

marisa said...

I use my blog for my family and friends and who ever is bored and wants to read about the journeys my family and I have come across!

I love reading about the everyday things on blogs and going along for the ride with life's ups and downs. My blog started out as a way to keep my family and friends updated on 2 of our children's development and recent diagnosis. It was also a way to get therapy in since I have 5 kiddos and no time for a therapist!

I figure if no one wants to read my experiences as a mother, wife, advocate and friend then they can click on the upper right hand red box and forget all about me!

Love reading your blog!


*lindsey said...

Aah, a little yin with the yang, that sums it up nice. Boo to peeps with no sense of humor. I like your blog!

Lorie said...

I love the recipes and the fun things (obviously!!) but the new friends are pretty great too!

And catching up with old friends!

Lorie said...

Okay, I just saw your New Moon countdown!

And I have no doubt that you will keep it up for the 269 days 11 hrs 15 minutes an 8..7..6..5..seconds until it is out!

Christy said...

I just peed.

(You are too sweet!)