Wednesday, February 25, 2009

crossfit and the evil horrors that lurk within

Soooo I've been doing it for about 2.5 weeks now, from 3-4 times a week dependent upon our instructor's schedule.  *snort* I sometimes feel like we need to be paying Scott for all his time, instruction, equipment, and record keeping. 

It's hard.  I'm just gonna state that here and now.  I don't think there's been one day or routine yet that I finished by saying "yeah, that wasn't too hard."  Every single day is hard.  Every single day it is a struggle to finish.  Every single day, a different body part is sore and I am seriously curious here:  will be continue to be sore for as long as we're doing CrossFit, since we work different muscle groups each day?  Or will it get better?  Today, it's my upper shoulders and still my traps from yesterday's work out. 

Today I finally hit my breaking point and cried.  Yup, I totally did.  I finally got myself together and finished but that was not a proud moment.  Heh.  But man, the ring dips we did today were killing my lower abs; I don't know how anyone else got through it so well.  I had to stop after every 2 and rest. 

Anyway, the million dollar question, right?  Have I lost any weight yet?  Nope.  I'm exactly where I was when February started.  But, muscle weighs more than fat.  To that, I stick my tongue out at thee.  Are my clothes fitting better?  I don't know. . . maybe.  It hasn't been long enough to gauge yet, I think.  As one girl mentioned today, I do think I'm getting stronger, so that's indicative of something positive.

We used a cool device to measure our body fat percentage today (32.9%, I'll admit it) so that's at least a starting point that I can measure against next week or in two weeks or whatever we do.

Til then, I am enjoying the interaction with the 8-10 other girls who come, as well as the fact that the workouts are short.  Yesterday's was the longest at around 21.5 minutes for me, where as today's was 9-something.  And I'm usually the slowest one, but who cares? I'm only competing against myself.  My times will get better as I continue to kill myself strengthen my muscles following these routines.

Sounds like fun, right?  Anyone else want in??


Anonymous said...

Sure count me in!! I'll make the commute! I actually have a pretty decent gym going in the loft. I have an old Bowflex and a used elliptical. We'll see if they make any kind of difference.


Christine #2 said...

I wish it wasn't during the day. Seriously, working people are just doomed to be fat by the time we get off work no one (including us) wants to work out.

Christy said...

You should be so proud of yourself! I know you will soon reap the benefits for all of your hardwork!!

Kim said...

Sometimes when I'm home and I can't walk, or stand or move without feeling an incredible amount of pain....I cry. I think eventually it will stop being painful and we'll just feel sore. I never thought I would long to feel sore, but that would be a welcome relief.

Carrie said...

Pretty sure I'm 90% body fat... hehe

You're doing great! And who cares if you're the slowest. All that matters is that you are doing it and sticking with it!

Go Amie!!

April said...

Amie, you are doing awesome! I was thinking to myself long will I have to keep this up before my muscles wont be sore anymore...or will they always be sore. I had a breaking point about 2 weeks ago when I couldn't get up the stairs and I cried. Seriously, I didn't want to go back, but I did (why do I do this to myself?) Anyway, yesterday as we were doing this workout, something clicked for me and I thought, wow, I can do this, even if it's hard. It's something that's good for my body, and it's hard. I know you're not the slowest one, cause that's me. Today I can barely lift my arms, but I will be back tomorrow. It's great to know that others are there to keep me going, even when I don't think I can finish, and we're here for you too! By the way, I got my m&m package today! Thanks so much! It was awesome! Have a great day and remember, tomorrow it won't hurt as bad. :)

Dahlene said...

I want in, but I'd have to get a private jet to get there on time! Sounds fun. I am back to walking/running at 5:30 in the morning until it snows again!

Lorie said...

It actually sounds pretty great! Not sure the 40 minute drive is worth a 9 minute work out though..even if it is a great one!

Maybe you could video tape him and vlog it! That way I could do it at home!

I think that is a GREAT idea! said...
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wittygal said...

Sounds great, I know sometimes just excercising helps with my energy and my self image.