Thursday, February 26, 2009

telemarketers--what is wrong with these people?

For several days now I've gotten a call from 'private caller' (from now on, I'm not gonna answer these!); and when I pick up it's an automated message detailing how my vehicle's warranty is going to be reclassified blah blah blah unless I speak to a representative. Last week, I held on for the rep and asked to be taken off the call list--the rep hung up on me. So yesterday, I got the Private Call again, I picked it up and waited for the representative. And I was very polite about it, said I wasn't mad, just said I wasn't interested and the calls were getting to be a bit annoying.

Rep: I'm sorry ma'am, there's nothing I can do about that. There's no list.

Me: There's nothing I can do to stop getting these calls? Cuz I'm on the Do Not Call list.

Rep: No, ma'am, they come through the internet.

Me: What's the name of your company?


Me: and there's no way I can contact anyone thru the site to stop the calls?

Rep: No.

Me: Do you have a manager I could speak to?

Rep: I'm the manager.

Me: and you don't know how to do it?

Rep: Sorry. You sound hot.

Me: what?

Rep: You sound hot. Are you single?

Me: ...wooooow.... Yeah...what's your number?

Rep: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Me: and that will take me right to you?

Rep: Yes, that's my cell phone.

Me: Ok, I'll be reporting you to the better business bureau.

And I hung up.

Seriously, how unprofessional is that??? And annoying? I was literally shaking when it was over!

Of course the website goes no where and I haven't been brave enough to try the phone number. But I'm really disgusted by it all.

My friend found his name and address in Maryland using this phone number--if it is in fact his.

I reported him to the Better Business Bureau, but since this was likely his personal cell phone (or one he made up) and the website goes no where, I'm sure this claim will go nowhere as well. But I'm tired of sitting idly by while these idiots act as immature desperate buffoons trying to sell their products and make dates at the same time. (To read an even worse horror story along the same lines, check out my wierdest vacuum cleaner sales experience ever!) Whatever happened to professionalism? To customer service? To common courtesy?

Now I was going to list his phone and address here, but I guess that would just be a petty move on my part. But how are we going to stop this kind of ridiculousness? This warranty business is a hoax I am sure. My neighbor suggested audiotaping the next call and get as much info as I can and turn it over to the police.

Maybe I'll get a spot on 20/20. ;)

If he calls again, I promise you I will display his phone number here for your crank calling enjoyment. I almost hope he does.


Anonymous said...

What the crap is wrong with people? I swear, if this is how that company does business, would you ever want to do business with THAT company even if you needed their services? Bizarre. Okay, so I have Vonage, no telemarketing calls unless you patronage that establishment. I've been getting 3 calls a week from Wells Fargo, a company I love and use for several applications, but they keep trying to sell me something I don't use, so I've asked 4-5 times to be taken off the list with no luck. I know the number by heart because they call so often, so last week I get the call, I pick up and say, "Is this Wells Fargo?" The lady was shocked and speachless for a moment then said, "Uh, yes it is." I politely told her that I have asked 4-5 times to be taken off the list and I still get called. She apologized and assured me she would take me off. So, so far no more calls but we'll see........


The Bluths said...

I will be awaiting his number. I need to do some pranks :)

Carrie said...


That is something else.

I will be awaiting his number as well...


April Hall said...

WOW, that is crazy, and incredibly rude! :) I haven't done a prank call in a while....hopefully I can do one soon!

-April H.

Lorie said...

He asked you out on a date! That might be the best telemarketer story ever!

And I wouldn't post his phone number. Like you said, it could just be some number he gave you and it could be some poor innocent guy that would be prank called by a bunch of angry women. That is worse than being called by a telemarketer! ;D

Lorie said...

Oh, and you can file a report with the do not call registry. donotcall (dot) gov

They need the business name or phone number. You could try using bfgcompany and maybe if they get enough complaints they will investigate who this actually is!

Kendra said...

I used to manage a telemarketing service, and what he did is HIGHLY illegal. It falls under harrassment. You need to report this company to the State Attorny General's office. They take care of things like this.

Also, if you are on the do not call list, and you ask to be taken off someone's list, but they continue to call you, they can be fined up to $10,000 each time they call you. You just need to document the date and time of each call, and if possible, the name of the person who called you.

It's not just annoying, or rude. It's a crime. I've been getting the same calls a zillion times a day. I'm so sick of these shady telemarketers!

lvh said...

and if you've ever filed anything with, you will see that they then tell you they really can't do anything, they are just compiling a list - it is very frustrating for sure. said...

please just e-mail his # to me. i need some humor in my life. as for your 10 things ihate about your blog. i have found in my life that the people who are usually the easiest to offend, are usually the ones that offend people the most. it took guts to say that stuff, and i find some of the same things annoying and i do some of those things that you find annoying. but you didn't say the 10 things i hate about tammi's blog, so i take no offense. i think it is great,sometimes its just nice to say what in on your mind, it is your blog... love ya and your boldness tammi

Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry ma'am, there's nothing I can do about that. There's no list."

Which means the guy's probably a con man.
The no-list excuse is complete BS. No legitimate (I.E. wouldn't disappear after a couple of weeks) would ever take that lightly. Every company lives in fear of a single lawsuit let alone a class-action one.

wittygal said...
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LIZZEE said...

That is just riduculous... I hate the telemarketing calls it's totally annoying.. So basically one of the reasons we got rid of the landline was cause nothing but telemarketers called it. I don't get to many on my cell but I let them know when they do call.

john and steph said...

You have the craziest experiences ever. You ned to write a book.

jinxi~ aka angi said...


hairball said...

I had a Kirby Vacuum guy come over for a demonstration. I was bored that day and said "why not" (that and he got out a stubborn stain in my carpet without me buying anything) Anyways when he started getting unprofessional and goofy, I sent my four year old on him. Sweet kid took his vacuum apart and started hiding pieces from him. Vacuum guy decided it was time to leave :)

hairball said...

If you want I will loan you my four year old for the phone. He is great on getting people who he doesn't know to hang up on him. Whenever I get a business call I don't want, I give the phone to him to answer and do as he will.

Becca said...

That is ridiculous. I don't know if anyone else commented with this but if you found out who his cell phone provider was, you could probably report him to them. Maybe that would help?

SuzanneRenee said...

i've been getting a ton of those calls lately too - stating this is the 3rd and final opportunity to extend my vehicle warranty...blah bblah blah. it's spam.... just in the phone version. how annoying. I almost never answer the phone unless its a number I know. They can leave a message.

Stephanie said...

bwahahahah - you have all the luck!! hit on by every salesperson in a 3 billion mile radius. "for a good time...." :)
seriously, you should just call him at all hours of the day (from a pay phone) and disturb him. just like what all those sales calls do - disturb us during our own personal time.
i really want him to call again so i can have some fun too! :)