Tuesday, March 10, 2009

anniversary in snowflake

I think I've mentioned before that our real anniversary is the day before Valentine's Day. For that and many other reasons, we actually choose to celebrate a month or so later. This year, we went up to Snowflake for the weekend and stayed at a little Bed & Breakfast up there; we truly had a great time, did some great things, ate some great food, and thought about our children not at all. ;) Well, maybe a little bit.


My parents were kind enough to watch the kiddos so we could get away for about 30 hours. Snowflake is about 4 hours from us, so it's not a quick little trip, but the quiet togetherness time is rare for us, and we enjoyed it.



We went to the LDS temple first. Snowflake is a town established on a plateau of sorts, and they get wind like crazy. The Snowflake Temple is on top of a hill on top of the plateau so it gets Super Wind. ;)

DSCF9077 DSCF9081

Once inside, we were asked to be the witness couple for a session, which I always enjoy doing. This was our first time in this temple, other than attending the Open House in 2002, so it was exciting for us to experience this newer little temple for the first time. Most of the attendees and patrons knew each other, so they made somewhat of a big deal out of our visit, all asking where we were from, what our family was like, how many kids we had, etc. The Celestial Room is absolutely breathtaking, so bright and clean and gorgeous. I tried to find some stock pictures online but I couldn't find any.

Then, we stayed for about an hour of sealings. Love that. =)


When we came out it wasn't near as windy as when we went in.

We drove next, to the Heritage Inn, the B&B that came so highly recommended by some.




It's this quaint little restored set of buildings on Main Street, completely remodeled and designed to look like period 1800s architecture and design. It reminded us of homes from Nauvoo.



DSCF9090 DSCF9091 DSCF9094

DSCF9095 DSCF9096


I loved all the little touches that made it look so authentic. And I loooooved the piano. I was itching to play it, but the lovely owner, Dean Porter, said it was non-functional.

DSCF9111 DSCF9098

While we were touring the kitchen, Mr. Porter told us how we were welcome to come down any time and make cocoa, eat treats, nuke popcorn, grab drinks. . . very accomodating. Too bad I was forcing myself not to totally blow my diet. Danny did allow me one piece of chocolate cake and it was to die for. I'm still dreaming about it.




The spa room-formerly known as the chicken coop. ;)



He gave us a very engaging tour of the premises. But I was freezing. And hungry. I just clicked away to keep my mind off my cold toes and empty stomach.





DSCF9119 These last several shots are from our room.


DSCF9128 DSCF9129


Then we ate at Eva's Kitchen or "La Cocina de Eva". Our waitress cracked us up-she'd come to take our order and bark out in Spanish "Digame!!" (tell me!) I was very happy here eating my chimichangas because it was the first 'naughty' food I'd had since Valentine's Day I think. ;) Super yummo.



I loved how the hotel looked at night. I really wanted to stay out and snap more pictures, but I was fuh-reezing. I hurried inside while Danny paahked the caah.


DSCF9140 To warm up, we took advantage of the spa-true to the 1800s period, right? (I hope no one minds these pictures of us in swimsuits)



DSCF9148 DSCF9151

We ordered our breakfast for 9am and had a nice chat with the owner while we dined. I promise I did not eat that whole plate worth of food. I wanted to, but I didn't.


It was a great little place and we hope to return in a couple of years.

Next we drove to Heber and met up with an old friend (the one pretty much responsible for introducing Danny and I) and his family. We visited for a while and then went to church with them in Heber.



On our way back to town, we played in some snow along the side of the road.



"My arms are cold!"

Ya think??

Good times. Happy anniversary, baby.


Dahlene said...

It looks like you had a great time. I'm so glad you got a little get away. Matt got to go to Snowflake and see the temple on one of his business trips and said it was gorgeous. I guess I'll have to make him take me back and stay in that little Bed and Breakfast! How fun.

Christine #2 said...

So sweet. Sorry I missed it. I love the Marilyn Monroe picture in front of the temple. I had the same experience at Wal-mart yesterday, hold onto your skirt!

Anonymous said...

WOw, what a beautiful time. Love the pictures. Tammi

Anonymous said...

Nice job with only 30 hours! I'm so thankful for my 2 week getaways without the children. Your sandals are too cute. I had them in the 90's! Great pictures too.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou grandma and grandpa for taking the scrubs!!!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

You both look absolutely positively gorgeous. Im glad you got time to get away and had a great time. Happy Belated Anniversary!

Amber said...

How awesome - your hair looks so cute - I love the length and side-sweep of your bangs, color is good on you too =)

Anywho, glad you had fun. Kade and I will have to head up to that B&B!! It did remind me of houses in Nauvoo! How sweet, it even brought back a couple memories just looking at your pictures.

And hey - where is your "paying it forward" blog?!? I wanted to sign up for it!!!

Lorie said...

Looks like fun! I haven't been to the Snowflake Temple yet.

Christy said...

Glad you had such a great time!

Bro. Dude said...

I adore this temple. I have extremely fond memories of playing at my grandparents' home and exploring the surrounding countryside in Holbrook, which is geologically similar to Snowflake. They never got to see it in mortality, but with all the native materials in the landscaping and with the locally-themed artwork inside, I feel a deep connection to them whenever I visit.

humblelabor said...

Awww...ya'll are so sweet! Happy Anniversary. It's so nice to take time to celebrate your marriage. I'm really looking forward to my and my hubby's 4 year anniversary next month.

heather said...

shawn haught is always raving about this place. we need to go sometime. and that mexican food got me a cravin it. I know where i am going tomorrow. yum.