Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what mom does when she's been given a night off

She looks around the empty house and sees all the jobs that need doing.

She notices her text book on her bed.

She starts a chick flick.

She sends some emails.

She hears crickets chirping

She needs to get out of the house!

She goes to Target. She buys some tomato seedlings. And new bowls.

She orders a carnitas bowl from Chipotle with veggies, rice, tomato salsa, and corn.

She brings it to her quiet home and eats the whole thing.

She turns on American Idol and plays it way too loud using the surround sound.

She thinks about planting her tomato seedlings.

She really needs to brush her teeth.

She mops the floor.

She misses kissing her kids and hubby goodnight.

She goes to sleep alone.


Clarisse Teagen said...

Mom goes on a high!! bonkers style and then sane again.

Christine #2 said...

Weird to be alone. I liked my night alone a couple months ago, but I knew everyone would be coming home before I went to bed. Made it a bit easier.

Lorie said...

You are so cute! The Chipotle bowl sounds GOOD!

Christy said...

It's funny how much I will look forward to a night off, and then when I get one, I miss my little ones! It's the curse/blessing of motherhood....

Carrie said...

I still haven't spent a full night away from Midget. Perhaps that explains my desire for one... " )

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Sad. kinda.

melissa said...

i would not know what to do with myself if i had a whole night alone. i am so used to it being about one of my five kids...or my husband. i'd probably blog. or crochet. or watch hgtv uninterrupted. then, i would have the HARDEST time going to sleep.
here through alphainventions. nice to meet you!