Thursday, March 5, 2009

lately uploaded on my ipod

Kristy, Are you Doing Okay? -- The Offspring

Sometime Around Midnight -- The Airborne Toxic Event

Broken -- Lifehouse

My Life Would Suck Without You -- Kelly Clarkson

Lost -- Coldplay

Twilight -- Thriving Ivory

Lady in Red -- Chris DeBurgh

Show Me Heaven -- Maria McKee

I'm Kissing You -- Des'ree

Sober -- Pink (there is a video to this, but I can't in good conscience link to it here because it's pretty PG-13 rated)

Several of these are not official videos--I guess they're either too old, too new, or not popular enough to have videos; not sure. Check 'em out. =)

What songs are you into right now?


Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

2 songs make me randy right now:

Leavin' - Jesse McCartney
How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney

Yes, I'm too 'old' to like him and yes, I realize I have a problem.

Christy said...

I was doing just fine until you spelled my name wrong. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just found another disk I had made and uploaded it onto my iPod, so this isn't the newest music, but it's what I'm listening to.

Sinch - Something More
Seether - Fine Again
Saliva - Always
Saliva - Rest in Pieces
Seether - Driven Under
Pink - Just like a Pill
Audioslave - Like a Stone
Evanescence - Bring me to life
Chevelle - The Red
Cold - Stupid girl
Foo Fighters - All my life
Trapt - Headstrong
Lifehouse - Spin
Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong
Our Lady Peace - Innocent(David Cook redid this one on A.I.)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't stop
Ra - Do you call my name



Casey Lu said...

Let it Rock -Kevin Rudolf
Keeps Gettin' Better -Christina A.
Decoded -Paramore
Circus -Britney
Human -The Killers
Gives You H*** -All American Rej.
Light On -David Cook
Feel That Fire -Dierks Bentley
You Found Me -The Fray
1,2,3,4 -Plain White T's
Monsoon -Tokio Hotel

A few other's too but can't remember who sings them. :)

Becca said...

I love Womanizer by Britney Spears, Just Dance by Lady Gaga, Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson and I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. That's just to name a few ;)

Torrie said...

I am also lov'n Pink's Sober right now. Anything Coldpaly is must listen. Shawn McDonald has a great song, Take My Hand, Aqualung's Pressure Suit, Bishop Allen (not an LDS Bishop) sings a few good ones- Rain, {Click, Click, Click, Click}, and, The News from your Bed, Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World, Cough Syrup by The Jakes.

Okay that is enough for right now.