Wednesday, March 4, 2009

summing up february

Well, my goal for February was to lose 6 pounds and do 6 layouts. I only ended up losing 4 pounds and created 4 layouts and 3 cards. (That makes 16 pounds lost for the year--yay!)

Can I blame it on the fact that February is a short month? ;)

Personally, I'm happy about that four pounds because included in February was lots of reasons to blow my diet including anniversary, Valentine's Day, a couple of ward activities, and 2 scrapbooking crops.

I don't know if my weight loss comes from watching my diet (probably) or the extreme hell I'm putting my body through with CrossFit. ;) It's worth it. After 3 weeks, I've started noticing that my clothes are looser; I can see that my face is thinner and I can feel that my stomach is a bit flatter. Not giving up!

Here are the layouts I did this month (these first two I've posted before):

My mid-term for Anatomy & Physiology is this week. I can't believe it's come so fast! This semester is flying by. Wish me luck everybody!


Teresa said...

I love your layouts very Nice! are you sure you didnt do more then those layouts or was that Jan?

Carrie said...

Great layouts! Are they paper or digital?? I'm guessing paper, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

I got interrupted yesterday and didn't get a chance to comment on your singing. Great job!! And playing the piano at the same time!! I can sing and I can play the piano, but putting them together just doesn't work for me!

Anonymous said...

Man congrats on the weight loss, it is not easy. It goes on so effortlessly and comes off so agonizingly! I've been working out since Jan 1 and I'm the exact same weight. I think I've lost some fat and gained some muscle, but you'll have to be the judge next time you see me......


wittygal said...

looks like a fun month

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Loving the new layouts!
Congrats on your 4lb loss!

Anonymous said...

Nice layouts. That Jack Sparrow is pretty ugly!