Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the most annoying day of the year

I hate April 1st. I hate April Fools. I hate April Fools' jokes. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Mom you have a spider on your head!" last year. Yuk yuk.

And this year, we as an internet community get a fabulous April 1st Virus to go with the festivities and fireworks. Whoo hoo. Let's hope I'm one of the lucky ones to miss this fabulous little invasion of privacy and waster of time and technology.


Being April 1st, I need to update the world on where I am regarding Diet and Exercise.

I have been doing CrossFit about 2 months now, on average 5 times a week...lost a few pounds, lost some body fat, and feel a bit stronger, but still cough and wheeze for two days after running. I've also been doing TurboJam (dancing) in my living room and in the living rooms of my workout buddies on average 4-5 times a week.

I've kept on my diet--cheating here and there for a good occasion, but working out the rest of the day and week to compensate--and being smart otherwise.

I'm down one pound for the month.


At one point, I was down 3, then I gained 3-- for no good reason I might add. Sorry, but that just ticks me off. Gain 3 pounds and I didn't even get a Big Mac to show for it? No chocolate cake or doughnuts or french fries! Come on! It's like if I'm gonna go to prison, I'm at least gonna go commit a few fun sins to deserve it!

Just kidding. I would never do that.

Yes, I drink water. Yes, muscle weighs more than fat. Yes, my workouts vary between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Yes yes yes yes yes, I really do feel I'm doing everything right. I'm Type A, ok? I follow the rules, I do what I'm told. And danggit I'd like to see some results!

One pound. I could poop one pound. (maybe I should go try)

Sorry, TMI.

I will not give up. This means I'm down 17 for the year (which is yaaay good, but not Hip Hip Hooray good, you know?) I'm half-way to my goal weight, so that's good I guess. At CrossFit, I don't lift much, run fast, or finish first, ever. But I have also never given up. Cried a couple of times, but never given up no matter how hard.

I'd appreciate any tips! Encouragement! Personal examples or stories on what has worked for you! Or just complements on my 17-pounds lighter physique!

Just kidding.


I also did 5 layouts this month. Things have been kind of slow scrappy-wise lately. Not sure why. I'll post my most recent ones sometime later this week.

On to April!!


tif-do said...

I have to say I'm impressed. 17 pounds is a lot. A LOT! Give yourself a pat on the back. I'm lucky if I loose 4 pounds and I always put it back on. Its discuraging even to try! Like I said big pat on the back!

tif-do said...

Wow I totally mispelled discouraging! Hmmm!

mo_inoh said...

Ok who is the guy who dreamed up Apirl fools day. I mean god what neat day. I think some one came up with the day so that could get away with being mean for a day. anyways HAPPY APIRL FOOLS DAY

Anonymous said...

Good times, congrats on losing 17lbs. That really is a lot of weight, I mean think about, that's like 3 bowling balls that you don't have to carry around all the time now!


Lisa Shatzer said...

Congrats on losing 17 lbs, that is alot. Good job! I can totally understand why you are feeling fustrated, when you are working sooo hard with diet and exercise you want the pounds to melt off like butter. Keep up the good work!

leaner said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who HATES this day. Luckily my kids don't get it, and hubby has been warned in the past. I hate practical jokes with a passion. They weren't funny when I was a kid. They aren't funny now. I will never like it. They usually end up being mean.

And YEAH! 17 pounds is a lot. Great job!

Casey Lu said...

17 pounds is a decent feat, Amie! Congrats! Have you gone to the doctor to rule out if maybe it could do with you Thyroid? Maybe that is what is keeping you from loosing the weight you want. I would be so happy if I could loose the 15 pounds that seems to be sticking to my hips and thighs from Cali. I am going to start doing Tae Bo this week to see if I can get it to melt off. I seriously commend you for making it two months on that workout! I will admit that after a point I am quite the quitter. Not proud of it but I give things a try and if they don't seem to be working out I quit. Hang in there! Do you know if there is still aerobics at the stake center in the mornings?

Christy said...

You should be extremely proud of all the hard work you have done/are doing!! I think it's so great! My friend had a hard time seeing results on the scale, so she decided to take before/after pics in a tankini to really see the difference. It was amazing!! I think she took them every couple of months. I really recommend something like that to keep you motivated and to celebrate your diligence!!!

Natalie said...

Wow, I'm out of lurking to say that you are doing a great job. Way to go.

Christine said...

Have a baby, I lost what 20 lbs. => And you look ahhhmazzzing rock star hot mama just the way you do right now!

Lorie said...

Being down 17 lbs for the year is a big deal! And half way to your goal is an even bigger deal. Keep it up. The change is right around the corner!!

Delfina said...

17 pounds is a lot. A LOT! Be proud of your self for getting that far. You will make it your goal before you even know it.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

They say if you lose it slowly its more likely to stay off for good. I say good job, at least you are diligent in your work outs and a very determined person. I agree with the poster above, check your thyroid, errr have the doc check you. It could be a huge part of the problem. I know for a fact my horrible thyroid has had a serious impact on my ability to lose weight-I have NO metabolism. Good luck and keep up the GREAT work!

The Bluths said...

Ethan has been going to that guys house in the mornings to do crossfit on his own. That seems to work out well for him now.

As for your scenario; it reminds me of the biggest loser how some people just get in this rut and can't get out, maybe you need a trainer?