Thursday, April 2, 2009

our easter pageant experience

Wednesday night we indeed went to the LDS temple in the valley to enjoy the Easter Pageant "Jesus the Christ".  It's a fabulous representation of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus from the New Testament.  We were the first ones there and got seats right up front, hanging with friends, eating, takin' pics, and having a good time passing the night.



Ethan's favorite part is always tracking down the centurions and soldiers and swiping their swords from them.


All three boys went around getting signatures from the cast walking around hours before the performance started.  Ethan would go up to one, stand there patiently, and when the actor finally noticed him, he'd thrust his program in their direction and say, "write your name!"

DSCF9617 It was only warm for the first couple of hours, then it cooled off a bit, but not as cold as it has been in the past.

DSCF9623 I think my bangs may be getting a tad out of control.  I'm considering going back to my blonde highlights next month.  Anyone have any opinions on this?DSCF9627 Always with the dirty face.  Why do they lick their lips while they eat?  Yuck.DSCF9630Yup, koolaid face all right.DSCF9653

My surrogate.  =)DSCF9639 Could she be any cuter?

DSCF9641Major ham.
DSCF9643 Cute pic of Abby.DSCF9645 I told him to smile.  =)DSCF9646 I think they were going for mysterious here.   DSCF9666

Now onto the pageant, and Jesus as a boy. DSCF9662

One of the angels at some point, I forget when. DSCF9663

The angel chorus.DSCF9682 

The 10 Virgins parable dance (it's fuzzy, but it's one of my favorite parts, so I wanted to include it).  DSCF9674 These next few always give me goosebumps.DSCF9676  You can't tell, but the baby he's holding is like 1 yr old-we met her earlier as the cast was walking around mingling with the audience.  She was so cute!DSCF9686

My camera didn't take pics too well once the lights went down, so these are the best of what I captured.  To see it better, go next week!  It runs most of next week and starts at 8p.  I hope you'll go, and enjoy it as much as we did.  =)


*lindsey said...

I'm up late trolling the internet, so I thought I'd come say Hi! Bangs shmangs, your eyes look amazing in that pic!

Also, about the weight debate. I was stressing about the same thing (lots of working out, no results) and my husband simply said "Don't worry. It's going to catch up with you." It soothed my soul. :)

Dahlene said...

We never did go while we were there. I guess we will have to try to come next year. By the way, would you like to try coming to the Mormon Miracle Pageant this year. It's in early June. Let us know if you are up to it. I know the memories are bad from the last time you tried to come.

Christine #2 said...

We had a blast! Thanks for the great pictures.

leaner said...

With Rhayn's illness, we weren't able to go. But originally I had planned to have you save us seats as well.

Glad you had an awesome time.

The Bluths said...

I wish Mesa was closer. I hate driving far.

Jenna said...

I really want to try to make it to the pageant, it's so amazing! Looks like you had a great time!

Carrie said...

What an amazing spectacle! They don't do anything like that in MI.

I'm tired of my own bangs, so now it's just time for me to grow them out.

I like your blonde highlights!!

Lorie said...

The plan is to go on Tuesday. The Boy will have to stay up past his bedtime, but I think it will be worth skipping the weekend crowds!