Tuesday, May 12, 2009

how's that for irony?

This past week we were invited to a housewarming/birthday party for one of Dan's old Southwest partners. They've remained friends since Patrick left Southwest, so we thought it would be nice to take the family and catch up. However we noticed on the invite that alcohol was going to be served, so we contacted Patrick to see if this was going to be a family-friendly party. Not really, we were told.

Instead of going out and getting a sitter, I just suggested that he go himself, that I'd be fine tending to things back home. He was happy to be able to spend some time with his friend and went along his way. About an hour and a half into the party I talked to him, let him know some updates about our friend in the hospital, asked his opinion, asked how the party was going, and we said our goodbyes knowing he'd probably be on his way relatively soon.

About 20 minutes he called to tell me I needed to pick him up.

"How come?" I asked, my heart racing just a bit, afraid that he'd gotten into a car accident.

"My truck just got towed," he replied.

Evidently this housing complex doesn't allow the parking of cars on the streets after a certain time, and so a tow truck had been called and started taking vehicles away. Dan's was the lucky first and only car to be taken away that night, as a neighbor then informed the party what was going on; everyone immediately dashed out to the street to save their cars.

The irony is that he was there for a housewarming party, and yet it was the owner's brand new HOA rules that unfortunately put a damper on the party. Also ironic is the fact that Dan was the only person not drinking at this party, yet he was the only one to feel the wrath of the HOA.

A stinky $163 inconvenience I guess, but I was just glad that he hadn't gotten in an accident, been hurt, or worse.

By the way, Patrick felt horrible and promised to foot the bill as an apology for not only not knowing the rules, but also not seeing that one sign that read "no parking after 6p". We won't take him up on that of course, but it was nice of him to offer.

Today, my brother was visiting from Pennsylvania and thus was able to go with me to Glendale to pick up the truck and drive it back. So grateful for that, as all my other friends work during the day and I don't know too many who can drive stick and/or are kid-free and would have been able to help me.

I guess all's well that ends well.

But watch out for those signs.


The Bluths said...

I remember when my car got towed while I was at my single's ward. Very upsetting.

You didn't think he wanted you to pick him up because he was drunk? :)

Anonymous said...

Flippin HOA's man, that's why I ran for the board here. In our bylaws you can't park a boat, RV, truck, quad or any recreational vehicle behind your RV gate. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think RV stands for??? Retards!


heather said...

stinky luck!

Christine #2 said...

That's why we live where we live, no HOA. We part when and where we please!!!

Kendra said...

I HATE HOA's!!! Sometimes I feel like I live in Nazi Germany, instead of the good ole' USA. I hate someone telling me what I can and can't do on MY OWN property!

What irritates me more, (and no offense to those who feel this way) are the people who think HOA's are a great idea, and willingly give up their own liberty. Wait until the HOA slaps a lien on your house because they don't like the color of your front door, or your grass is one inch too long. A guy in my neigborhood had the audacity to erect a flag pole and fly the AMERICAN FLAG, along with a POW/MIA flag. Needless to say, he was forced to remove it, or face the consequences of the almighty HOA. I feel like shouting "Heil!" every time I get a "friendly reminder" from our beloved HOA.

Sorry for the rant Amie. As you can see, it really ticks me off! I'm sorry about Dan's truck. Incedentaly, where does Patrick's HOA expect guests to park in the event he has the nerve to invite friends over to his house after 6pm?

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

Rules like that are just wrong. I'm glad it was just money and not something worse.

We got a big ticket when we parked on the streets of San Francisco at someone's house. Apparently they do street cleaning during the night and we didn't see the sign. Live and learn.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Signs signs.. every where signs..

Im sorry they didnt tell him BEFORE the tow truck came. Talk about bad timing and irony!

La Pixie said...

I thought you were going to say that he was too drunk to drive. ha ha!