Tuesday, June 2, 2009

free if you need 'em


Does anybody want or need a 12 year old couch/loveseat set?  Cuz I have a couple just sitting in my garage looking for a new home.  They're not in the best condition-lets face it, not only are they 12 years old but they've gone thru my kids and about 2 dozen daycare children over the years-but they're actually really comfy, and the loveseat is in a pretty good state.


Let me know if you or anyone you know can use them.  C'mon over to my garage and pick 'em up.

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Casey Lu said...

I don't know of anyone but I do know of a site called Freecycle.org that you can join and offer these. There is always people looking for and needing couches and such. Hope this helps!