Monday, June 1, 2009

can i call myself a gardener now?


I have half a dozen ripe tomatoes larger than apples, and dozens more growing.  Success!

My green onions did just plain awesome this season.  That's the only way I can describe them.  Their awesomeness overwhelms me so that every time I go out and pluck one for my tuna salad, I need a moment just to savor and enjoy.

The zucchini grew to a point, but then would turn black and die.  I researched it and found that this is a pollenation problem.  And no April, I did not try pollenating myself, but I'm considering it as I have several more growing right now and I really want them to make it.  Can you come help me?

Carrots did squat.  Which is odd because they usually do really well.

And the surprise of the season, I had some old bell pepper plants spring back up from last season and each of them has a large pepper growing. 

I'm still geekin' out about the tomatoes though.

I'm a gardener!


Kendra said...

Woohoo Amie! There is nothing better than a home grown tomato. I have a pretty awesome garden going, but alas, I am in Utah for the next two weeks, and I think I will miss the "harvest." All my hard work and I'm missing it. We have been eating a lot of lettuce and spinach and green onions from our garden. A few tomatoes. Ours dd not do so well for some reason.

My zuccini plants have tons of blossoms on them, but they just keep falling off. Maybe it's too hot?

I found a website that tells you exactly what to do each month of the year for your garden in Poenix. It tells you what to plant and when. Sadly, I found it after I had planted everything. If you'd like the link I can e mail it to you.

I'd say you can definitly call yourself a gardener! Great job!

Christine said...

and the lovely tomatoes taste very yummy too =)

Liz said...

Wow that looks awesome and how fun.. I have a total black thumb as you would say.

Mo said...

Well done! Doesn't it feel great to actually eat what you grow!

My peppers were growing great and then all fell off the plants. :( Don't know why.

My zucchinis were also dying small, but seem to be doing better now. I have to admit I did "help" them a little a long the way but now I seem to have lots of bees doing the job just fine.

Great looking tomatoes!

The Bluths said...


I think a mushroom grew in my backyard...but I didn't plant it.

April said...

Amie, That is awesome about your garden. Mine is doing great this year, too! I will come help you with your zucchini! Let me know when and i'll be there!

Torrie said...

COngrats! I know you had such a hard time with the garden last season. I hate tomatoes but I will eat a home grown every now and then. They are just so yummy!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

SAWWWWEEETTTT. You go Ms. Gardner!
Congrats.. love a garden and love the pic you posted! Keep up the good work. Your green thumb musta come thru for you this time around!

Heidi E. said...

Great Job..

leaner said...

How cool! I will be pollinating my corn if it grows big enough. So maybe you should try it! Come on, what'll it hurt? :)

That tomato looks tasty! mmmmmmm I love tomatoes!

Dahlene said...

Yay Amie! Look at the size of that tomato! Awesome. I'm glad you kept on trying like the little blue engine that could. Way to go. There is nothing like fresh from the garden, especially when it grew from your hard work.

Mark and Jessica said...

I am so jealous of your tomatoes! We have a few growing, but not very many and our cucumbers/melons get lots of flowers, but no fruit.

I am excited to have some tomatoes of my own!

Christy said...

Whoa! Color me impressed! I am more likely to make vegetables magically appear than to grow them successfully in a garden. Great job!

Margee' said...

Wow! They look great! Our's are just starting to bloom here in the Northwest, most of May felt like winter. It's warmed up now and snow is melting rapidly in the,mountains and the river by our house is raging.
Enjoy your garden.

wittygal said...

Looks like not only can you call yourself a gardner but you may be able to officially give gardening advice. IMPRESSIVE!

Carrie said...

WOH! That's a BIG tomato! We just got ours in the ground, so it's going to be a good long while before anything fruits.