Monday, July 6, 2009

our holiday weekend--comment back with yours!

How was everyone's Fourth?

I started out the weekend first by enjoying scrapbooking at Christine's on Thursday and then a fun crop at Carrie's house on Friday where I ate badly and had good times with the girls. No will power have I! I'll post the layouts I finished tomorrow.

Then Saturday night, we had fun hanging out with James & Chris who rented a hotel room directly across from where the fireworks are set off out here. We were joined by Chris' parents Sue & John, DJ & Christine, and their friends Pat & Jenn. We ate out, swam in the hotel pool, then walked to the festivities where a live band was playing so the children (and adults) could dance. We then had a front row view of the 'works. It was awesome. I've never done that before--in all my years here, I've never gone to the city sponsored event, because it's so dang hot and parking is atrocious. But being there with friends made it all worth while. I didn't even notice the heat so much. And it was a much better view than the park by my house.

Hope you all were safe and enjoyed yourselves.

Just a note from Brian, my contact at Dramagenics, they're doing $5 improv shows every Friday and Saturday for the rest of July, with the possibility of keeping the prices that low if they get a big enough turn out. Sounds like a future date night is in the works!

We need that, because Danny worked a grand total of 123 hours in the past 7 days. Wowza. Amazing that he's still coherent and standing. Well, 'cept for when he fell asleep during church (which I don't mind) and I had to wake him up because he was drooling profusely (which I do mind), which I'll admit was pretty funny. Poor guy. I love him. =)

Happy Monday everybody.


Dahlene said...

Sounds fun. We had a great, relaxing weekend too. Jayden participated in the Jr. High marching band in our parade. I walked with them and gave them squirts of water in their mouths. It was a long walk, but fun! I read, gardened, watched fireworks, and lastnight watched Twilight for the 2nd time. I think I may read New Moon again starting today. Have a fantastic week!

Christine #2 said...

Had a great time too. Poor Dan, I don't know how he does it! Or how you do with him away so much.

tif-do said...

Justed posted my fourth run-down. Had a good one, and glad you did too!

leaner said...

I gave you the Honest Scrap award! Check out my blog.

Lorie said...

The hotel room idea is brilliant! I will have to remember that for next year!

Lorie said...

And if he worked 123 hours then he was only home for 45 hours...I think that is backwards! ;D

I hope he got some SERIOUS overtime pay!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow, sounds like a great time.
It rained here but you read the rest on my blog ;) hahaa.

Your poor sweetie.. a lil nap in church wont hurt much ... ;)

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

We had a nice holiday weekend. On Friday, we went to the Army base and watched their firework display (they always do the 4th on the 3rd). Then we drove to the baseball field and watched their fireworks (our local team won! I don't watch baseball, but it was still exciting!).

Our city didn't do their big celebration this year due to budget cutbacks. We drove a few miles North to a little town and watched their fireworks on Saturday. It was a great show with the best finale we've ever seen!

I made a Jello poke cake for the first time - YUM! - and we had 2 yummy meals, one at my FIL's house and one with my mama.

Sorry Dan had to work so many hours - that can't be easy on anyone in the fam.

(I wonder if there's a character limit in these posts?!?)