Friday, July 3, 2009

here a tag, there a tag, everywhere a tag tag

It's been a long time since I've done a tag, and you know how I love them! So here's the latest as tagged by Torrie.

8 Favorite Shows:

1- The Office
2- House
3- Grey's Anatomy
4- Pushing Daisies
5- So You Think You Can Dance
6- American Idol
7- Dancing with the Stars
8- Smallville

8 Things I did yesterday:

1- Picked up legos
2- Won a free cake from Arizona Mama and Nothing Bundt Cakes (blog post coming next week about this!)
3- Read over 100 pages in "I, Elizabeth"
4- Picked up legos
5- Lost 2 pounds
6- Put away laundry
7- Watched "So You think You Can Dance"
8- Picked up legos

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1- Having fun with friends on the 4th
2- Sister-in-law's baby shower next week
3- Getting my free cake :)
4- Going to see "Wicked" late this month
5- Losing another pound or two this week
6- Hubby returning from shift work on Sunday
7- Scrapbooking Friday night
8- Throwing away the legos. Some day.

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1- Red Robin
2- IchiBan
3- Chipotle
4- Denny's (I know, I'm a geek)
5- Panda Express
6- Subway
7- Olive Garden
8- Macayo's

8 Things on my wish list:

1- To someway somehow get down to 125 lbs--I might have to chop off a leg to get there *snort*
2- To be a good student when I go back in the fall...first time in a classroom since Dec 1996!
3- For Dan to get on a 911 shift instead of his transport car
4- Teeth whitening
5- For AZ to be about 30 degrees cooler
6- To get out of town one more time this summer
7- To be more patient with my kids
8- For the legos to automatically walk themselves back to the box when they are done being played with

8 People I Tag:

1- Christine
2- Chris
3- Angi
4- Ben
5- Dan
6- Dahlene
7- Tiff
8- Katrina


Christine said...

Done =)

leaner said...

Nice! I heart Denny's, too. I am quite excited that they are opening one close to me (only like 3 miles! Hooray!)

I used to have a map of Denny's across the US and was slowly marking them off as I would visit them. I had my favorites highlighted, too. Like the one in Casa Grande. It holds a special place in my heart forever.

Lisa Shatzer said...

Good luck loosing a few pounds while eating your cake! ;)

Lorie said...

I LOVE Nothing Bundt Cake!!!

My sister brings one to the hospital anytime one of us has a baby! I need to have another baby!! ;D

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Sounds like you are living in a Lego Nitemare! haha

Im going to do mine tonight! ;)

Torrie said...

Thanks for playing and good luck with the Legos. They carry mixed feeling for so many people. They keep the kiddos busy but, they hurt like heck when you step on them and they are messy.