Monday, August 31, 2009

big laughs and a lot of sugar = a great night

You know I love Dramagenics and The Mixed Nuts, a family-friendly improv group here in town. I love how talented, creative, and funny they all are; I love that the shows are pretty inexpensive, and I love the idea of just doing something different with a Saturday night.

This past Saturday night, a group of us went to see their Second Anniversary show (remember how Dan got called up on the stage during last year's anniversary show?). We enjoyed ourselves immensely and wonder-of-wonders, Dan got called up onto the stage again, along with Chris' son Joey. Dan admittedly blanked out a bit but Joey did great and got some laughs.

Later, we hit the Dairy Queen.

(I swear she's already grown bigger since I stopped babysitting her a week ago *sniff*)

Incidentally, this was both Danny's and Chris' first jobs and at this exact location as well! How rad is that?

Ok well maybe not that rad, but interesting.

They shared stories and histories regarding past co-workers and bosses. Chris told us what to never order, ever.

And Dan told the story of how he was fired from there when he was 16. Some customer complained of him 'swearing on the job.' Not only does Danny not swear, but he wasn't even working the night in question. He was fired anyway.

I think he was ok though--he quickly moved along to McDonalds where he was made Employee of the Month quite early on. That's my man. A go-getter. :)

So another successful night out. Anytime anyone is interested in attending a Dramagenics show, we're always up for it! We won't turn down more ice cream at the DQ as a follow-up either. Just don't expect us to order the...well...maybe I'll let you find out for yourself. ;)


Christine said...

Ugh, so bummed I missed it. Sure would have been more fun then sitting in bed feeling like my head was going to explode from all the infections. DJ swore I had the swine flu, so I'd oink from time to time to keep him on his toes. And we're missing the camping too. So that means we have to plan something else soon so DJ and I don't get replaced!!!!!!!

Christine #2 said...

What a fun night! Joey keeps thinking of other things he should have said. I think for a 10 year old he did pretty good! Can't wait for next time.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun!


Casey Lu said...

Sounds like you had TONS of fun! Ehren and I will have to go sometime! If you like painting I can call you to help with that, next weekend! We had so many people show up this weekend which was a huge surprise, that I didn't want to bother your family as we had people tripping over each other.

Casey Lu said...

Forgot to ask in my last comment:
I left a comment for Chris on her blog about getting James number to consult is landscaping expertise and thought maybe you could help! Would greatly appreciate it!

wittygal said...

Always looks like a good time!

Jenna said...

It was fun to see you there, they were great that night!

*lindsey said...

WHAT shouldn't we order? WHAT!? You have to tell us!