Friday, August 14, 2009

first week of school wrap up


My cutie patooties had a predictable first week at school. 



Sean really enjoys his teacher--the first male teacher he's ever had--and says that he's so nice and very funny.  It was important to have a good teacher for Sean this year (when is it not?) particularly because last year, occasionally I got the impression that his teacher didn't really like him.  So I hope he continues on enjoying his class.



Cameron has decided that second grade is not as much fun as first.  Understandable, being that last year he had quite possibly the best-dang-teacher-on-the-planet the end, so...anything after her is just different.  However, he's had a week full of homework (neither of the other boys had any!) and is in a higher level 2nd grade of sorts, so although the work is going to be tougher, the benefits will be greater.  Or something.  =)

 DSCF1845 DSCF1846

Ethan.  Ethan Ethan Ethan.  He makes me laugh.  He's hated school since day one.  He says he's learned it all already and he doesn't need to go back.  Though my darling third child had 2 years plus of preschool, he's had a very rough return to education this week.  He's had red cards all week (red = bad).  He's hit, been beligerent, broken crayons, and been defiant.  I asked him one day why he had a red card and he said, "Because the teacher keeps asking me to write my name over and over and I don't want to!!"  Yesterday he told me that he 'cheated.'  I asked him what he meant.  He said, "I had a red card but I changed it back to green!"  The turkey!!

 DSCF1857 DSCF1858DSCF1859

I've been in dialogue with the teacher and bless her heart, she has a boy-heavy class (all the kindergartens are that way this year for some reason) and several just like Ethan.  She takes it all in very good spirits, but says she tries to be pretty strict and tough on them the first week so the kids quickly learn boundaries and rules.  More power to her!  She's going to have an interesting year with my little Trouble Maker Ethan!



hairball said...

This blog made me feel much better. my boy just started kinder and i thought he was the trouble maker from heck. playing in the bathrooms, one small fight, talking back, defiance up the wazoo. sadly thankyou ethan for showing that my kid is probably just being normal cause i had no idea what i was going to do.

Jenna said...

I love the recap! Good luck with Ethan's shinanigans, I'm sure he'll ease up once he gets used to the boundaries and everything! He's too cute though!!

Dahlene said...

I'd have never guess Ethan as being a trouble maker. He's so dang cute though. I worry that Noah might be the same way. He's pretty spoiled being the baby of the family. We will see in a week what happens. Your boys are so handsome and growing up fast!

Lorie said...

He is so stinking cute though!!

And what are you doing with yourself home boyless all day?

wittygal said...

Sounds like the begining of another great school year. Teachers are always hit and miss but bless them for doing it. I don't remember Ethan being trouble. Of course I had him for three unchair defined hours. School is hard, UGH!

Delfina said...

Wow they are growing up so fast. I hope things get better with Eathan. There all very cute boys.

Margee' said...

Hopefully school goes well for your boys this year.
Our oldest daughter had no problems in school, but let me say it was totally different with our twin daughters. They quit in Kindergarten!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

oooo that lil stinker! hahaa.. I love that he says he has already learned it all.. so cute!

and isnt it all dull after the best teacher.. I know my middle son is the same way with his 1st grade teacher.. he STILL adores her and he is in 4th this year. He freaked when I told him her husband was my high school math teacher hahaa.. {btw, she retired last year-so yeah Mom is OLD} haha ;)

And your oldest.. dang is he a bright kid! I loved my first male teacher.. in 5th grade.. and let me tell you.. it DOES make a difference! :)

Great that you shared with us, I enjoyed this post a LOT!