Monday, August 17, 2009

this month's 12 of 12


Ethan stood on my scale that morning and said, "I weigh sixty-eighty-three."  Nice try.  Now just add a hundred (yikes!) and you have my weight!



The required self-portrait.  Fortunately I'd just had my hair done by the great Kaylene so it wasn't a bad hair day.  :)


The things Sean had earned and collected at Pack meeting:  Geology badge and belt loop and aquanaut badge.


The coupons I clipped on the 12th.


The amount of milk left that morning.


Had to bust out another of my cannery honey cans as I've been going through it so fast when making bread.


Ethan's behavior card for the day.  Basically this means he got a red (and red = bad).


I dejunked a junk drawer.


The book I was reading-and later gave up on.  Yawwn.


The temperature outside when I went to bed.

 DSCF1908 The toothpaste we are using right now.  (we're using all the mini toothpastes we get from the dentist because we have about a hundred of them!)



The temperature in my house when I went to bed.


Did you do your 12 of 12 for August?


Anonymous said...

To quote an immortal:

Algy saw the bear
The bear saw Algy.
The bear was bulgy
The bulge, was Algy.


Liz said...

2 cute

Lorie said...

Cute pictures!!

Torrie said...

Your hair looks good!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I did NOT do my 12 of 12 .. totally forgot! It was crazy.. but I appreciate that you did yours and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your hair! You look fantastic! :)