Wednesday, September 9, 2009

adventures in camping: part one - friday

Since I have (typical of me) over 200 pictures of our campout this past Labor Day weekend, I have decided to break up the experience over the full week blog-wise.  There are lots of pictures and situations that I'd love to expound on, and thus, in order to avoid one big long post with 60 pictures, I'll divy them up.

I get a lot of teasing for the amount of pictures I take, but I don't get it.  This is documentation of my life, our lives, my kids lives.  My memory will fade but my pictures won't.  And though yes, it admitedly was a bit crazy to scrapbook my entire Disneyland Anniversary Vacation of 08 (I'll never do that again!) I don't regret for one second taking those 300 pictures of our experiences and memories.  OK, 'nuff said.  :)

Anyway, to start us off and for posterity sake, I'll document that it was over 100 degrees when we were packing our truck.  Our new truck that has a shorter bed than our Chevy, I'll add.  And since we weren't taking the boat this time around, we really had to pack it in good!  It was a lot of work out in the sun, but we finally got it all packed, stuffed, stacked, and tarped down.

There was a bit of traffic leaving town, but not anything too crazy.  We stopped for about half an hour mid-ride to help a woman who had just gotten into a car accident.  Danny's paramedic training kicked in, and although she ended up not needing any medical attention, I think  his presence helped calm her.

That and a couple other stops to fix the gol-durn *&!@# tarp put us over an hour later than we'd hoped, so when we finally got to our spot, it was pretty much dark.  We set up as best as we could-actually, Sean set up the tent and the fire in order to pass off some Cub Scouts requirements-ate a super late dinner and got to bed.

The weather up north was perfect-upper 70s during the day and upper 50s at night.  I love not going to bed with freezing feet and fingers.  That just makes it that much more enjoyable!  It did sprinkle just a bit, but not even enough to get the ground wet.

These next pictures are actually from the next day, but I want to show you how Cameron spent a good hour or two of his time.  Our favorite campsite at the Blue Ridge Reservoir has a great fire pit that Dan helped create and mold and shape over the years.  Cameron decided he was going to build his own.


It actually ended up being a very nicely put together firepit. . .and it kept him busy for a while!


Christine #2 said...

It was a great place to camp! Also, it helps that you take a zillion pictures for the folks (like me) that don't bring a camera.

Liz said...

It's ok to be a photo paparazzi.. Those kids will remember it and be happy that you cared enough to do it. I'm still one when we do something taking 200 photos at event just cause I

wittygal said...

The cursing was a little over the top for me.
That's what I loved about the beach the kids were entertained BY SAND for hours. Yeah!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

That kid is a keeper! I just love him to bits.. he will be a great husband one of these days!