Friday, September 11, 2009

never forget

(I'll continue the weekend's pictures next week, but for now I wanted to honor those sacrificed and fallen on 9/11)


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Truly a sad day in our history..

Todd was explaining to Hunter about 9/11 this week.. When he told him about the police and firemen and others that died helping he told Hunter, "Those are what we call heros" ... omg.. I bawled.. We certainly wont ever forget!

Casey Lu said...

The Fray is one of my all time favorite groups and this video was so very touching and perfect to reflect and remember! Thanks so much for sharing this. If I knew how I would share it myself. I will never forget!

Dahlene said...

You need to read "A Widow's Walk". It's an amazing story about one of the widows of a firefighter on 9/11. There is some bad language and vulgarity, but that is just how they talk I guess. It's an amazing read. You will bawl your head off.