Friday, October 2, 2009

what matters most

I'm way too often guilty of rushing the kids' bedtime routine all for the lame excuse of rushing back to whatever television show I'm in danger of missing. With Dan on shift and me left behind being a single parent half the week, by 7:30 I am quick to bark out orders and raise my voice to get them through teeth brushing, pajama changing, setting out clothes for the next day, prayer, scriptures, and goodnight hugs. I lose patience and forget that these kids...are just kids.

Last night was just an example of this. Forunately, it didn't take me ten minutes later to realize what a dictator I was being and so I went back into my kids' dark and quiet rooms and gave them a calmer kiss and hug good night.

"What's that for?" Sean asked me.

"Another kiss?" Ethan grinned.

"I wasn't very nice when I said goodnight earlier," I answered. "I'm sorry I was so crazy. I love you."

Then I came back to my room where I've been catching up on the LDS Relief Society Broadcast that I missed last Saturday and noticed this little clip from our Prophet President Thomas S. Monson entitled "What Matters Most."

And I was proud that I'd already remembered what matters most in my house and made a resolution to not be so quick to forget again tomorrow night.

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Christine #2 said...

Thanks for making a preggo cry *wink*

Lara said...

I love those moments. I think I get them just often enough to remember most of the time, but sometimes it's awfully hard.

Great post. :)

Liz said...

Great video tfs

Amy said...

I always feel so guilty when I forget and loose my patience with my son. He is just little and doesn't understand. It is up to me to be the patient and loving example, right? Thanks for the reminder.