Tuesday, December 22, 2009

on the first day of christmas break my true love gave to me...

The ability to sleep in until around 9:30.


Mostly due to the fact that I could not for the life of me fall asleep last night. It was about 2:30 the last time I checked, so when you put it like that, 9:30 doesn't sound too bad. It felt sooo good to sleep in a bit though!

It was a great day in the valley, perfect weather, and probably the last of the sweater-less days being that the temp's gonna drop about 20 degrees this week and we're due for some rain tomorrow. Since we knew we might not have many opportunities for outside time after today, we spent three hours at the city park. We ran into some of our current and past neighbors there so that made it even more fun. :)

Then this afternoon, collectively we watched Elf, finished a really good book, and caught up on the Survivor finale online. I then put together some homemade pizza (yes from scratch!) that turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

It was a nice start to the break!


Anonymous said...

Ah the joys of riding the razor scooter! I was riding my "Hello Kitty" razor just yesterday.....


Margee' said...

Too cold here to go to the park, we need to live where it's warmer!