Wednesday, December 23, 2009

on the second day of christmas break, my true love gave to me. . .

. . . snow, my last kiddo to get rid of his training wheels, and vomit.

Our neighbors brought back some snow from their Polar Express trip.  So fun!  I distinctly remember the last time they did this, last year--happened to be on the same day as the infamous weirdest vacuum cleaner experience ever incident.  It's forever imprinted in my mind!

 DSCF3307       DSCF3315       DSCF3322       DSCF3329   DSCF3332    DSCF3336   DSCF3339  DSCF3341  


We really should have started this a year or so ago, but we were too lazy.  Ethan can ride pretty well once he gets going, but it's the starting and stopping that trips him up!

And lastly, Cameron has started with the vomiting and flu.  Ugh.  We only pray we either all get it in the next day or two, or that it starts here or else we'll have to cancel our Utah vacation.  :(  (We made him stay away from the kids and in the back of the truck during the snowball fight-too hard to keep him away entirely!)


Margee' said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed the snow! We had snow last week, pretty much melted. No white Christmas this year!

Sorry to hear one of your kiddos is sick, that's not fun.

Take care of yourself and hopefully you'll get to go on your trip.

Merry Christmas from WA!

Christine #2 said...

OMG I can't believe you put a Family Guy clip on your blog, excellent! And although you might not get it...Roadhouse

Oh, and sorry if the puking came from us...serious sorry

Emily said...

That snow looks like so much fun! Stomach flu around Christmas was inevitable in my family growing up. I'm hoping it's not a tradition I keep.

Christine said...

We have the flu too, no fun. I love that clip of the family guy. Gotta love puke comedy.

Anonymous said...

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