Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mommy & daddy & the boys' day of FUN!

It's that time of year again when the kids have a day off school and we plan a day full of fun activities.  See our past installments here and here.  :)

This time we were lucky enough that Dad had it off too.  The rain slowed us down a bit, keeping us indoors for the most part, so we had to be a bit more creative this time around.  :)  So we started out with some yummy fried goodness by way of  Basha's bakery for donuts. 


Also while there we picked up free BlockBuster movies which we settled in to watch while eating the fatty fried yummies.

  DSCF3595 DSCF3599DSCF3597

After that was over, we tried to go see a movie, but it appears every other family had that exact same idea, as Alvin & The Chipmunks was pretty much sold out.  We bailed on that idea and instead, spent our $ at TGIF where kids eat free on Mondays.  :)

01-18-10 day of FUN.1

From there to Target where my shaggy-haired son Sean picked out a DS game with his birthday money he'd been saving up since July.  :)  He specifically wanted a game that he could link to the other boys' DS's and play via in-home network access blah blah blah.  My point there is that it was nice of him to choose something they could all play together.  He got Super Mario Brothers, which I explained to him was so old school-since my brothers and I got that game when I was like 13-but I guess this is the 'new' Super Mario so, that shut me up. 


From there, it got a bit crazy.  The boys started rough-housing (I mean all the boys) and wrestling and playing Buckin' Bronco with Daddy.  There were many kicks to the face, accidental scratching, bonked heads and a plethora of tears, but in the end, I think they had fun burning off all those calories from lunch.

01-18-10 day of FUN1 wrestling

We then bundled up and ate nachos outside while Dad started a nice little fire in his new fire pit a la Santa.  :) 


We then ate the goodies we had originally bought for the movie.


.while sitting around the fire pit and having a nice little Family Home Evening about Martin Luther King and equality and treating everyone the same no matter how they look on the outside.

01-18-10 day of FUN2 firepit

My hair smelled all woodsy and smokey afterwards.I loved that.  :)

So that was our MLK '10 Day of Fun!  What did you do on your day off?


OneHappyfamily said...

Took a drive in the rain with my honey to our favorite eatery. Hung out and played games and movies just like you. Sometimes the rain is nice to slow us down...

Anonymous said...

We didn't have nearly as much fun as you all did that's for sure. Hey, I just wanted to tell your "shaggy haired" sean, that I love it! He looks so cool!! Love the longer hair on him. ;)

Jennifer ♥ said...

Looks like my kind of day - food, food and more food!!

We went shopping together (a rare thing) and spent the night at a hot springs under the stars. It was amazing.

wittygal said...

My husband was home too! Because I was barfing. I am not sure what they did all day but I do know they didn't pick up after themselves.
Your day looked and sounded like a delicious day!

Emily said...

Well...I didn't remember it was a holiday until my husband came home from work and said that they'd brought in MLK birthday cake. That's what you get when you have no school age kids :). Everything you did looks so fun though!

Mark and Jessica said...

layed around and watched episodes of "Quanum Leap" a favorite of mine, while my daughter and I put lots of little braids in each other's hair.

Casey Lu said...

Your such an inspiration on what to do for fun and budget friendly! We didn't do much as I have a sick baby on my hands this week. Thanks for sharing your fun, my family needs to get doing stuff like that even if we have a wee one running around now. :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

What an awesome day! Nothing says you love your children than spending quality time with them. :)

Does it make you nervous/irritated or aggravated when the boys wrestle around like that?...I know Im always a wreck.. and the same thing always happens.. tears and someone crying. LOL

I love the fire pit moments! I hope ya'll have MANY more!

Margee' said...

Looks like you had a great family day!