Friday, February 26, 2010

more like 12 of 26th--all about feet

Yeah, this 12-of-12 took me long enough to post, doncha think?

It's just cuz I got so bored with it. However, it is what it is and I need to just post it and move on. Perhaps some day I'll look back on this with interest instead of looking at it now and feeling like I need to go scour something. Feet. Not my favorite things.

All in the sake of interest--here are my 12 from the 12th of this month. Don't judge my crazy-stunted toes. **10 points if you can remember why my toes look the way they do** (Mom, Ben, you can't participate)

Cameron's horrid holey shoes. This kid is soooo rough with his shoes; he drags his feet, he scuffs, he uses them instead of the brakes to stop on his's just a given fact that I have to buy him 2 sets of shoes every year. Thank heavens for cheap Payless shoes. (perhaps that is also the problem?)

When I decided to do my 12-of-12 about feet, this was the first pose that came to mind. Don't you just love clean kiddo feet and skin straight out of a bubble bath? Clean and soft and wrinkly. :)

Both Cameron and Sean got new shoes (Sean's had holes too!) so back to Payless we went. They loved getting to try out their new shoes by running around the store. I'm sure the store clerk did not love it.

The afore mentioned alien toes showing off my come-on-spring! toenail polish. I so envy ladies with pretty feet and toes. Mine just aren't. (anyone remember why?)

Probably my favorite picture of the bunch--Cameron on the trampoline, me laying down underneath in the grass. I love how my kids don't even question when I ask them to do strange things for pictures. It's just another day in the life of a scrapbooking family.

Sean sits like this when he watches TV. I would think this is tremendously uncomfortable.

Running out of nice feet ideas, I took a stroll to my closet to show you some of my favorite shoesies. Pretty sure I got all of those at yard sales. I hate paying full price for shoes.

Ethan's sock-clad feet while he's curled up on the recliner. I love socks. I live in them.

Another Ethan shot while he is seriously concentrating on his DS game. He's the one kiddo I'll still allow to wear velcro. Somehow as you grow older, velcro shoes just don't look cool any more. Why is that?

Cameron sitting on my computer chair while he plays an online game. Remember how the other day he got a nail in his foot? It's cuz the bottom of his shoes looked like this!! Isn't that so sad?

Cameron's closet. Gotta love those $1 flip flop sales from Old Navy.

And of course the self-portrait of me in work-out gear, doing a stretch. My foot's in the picture (though I had to really strain my brain to creatively come up with this pic) as well as my forehead and cowlicks.

How about next month, I actually post 12 of 12 near the 12th? Think it's possible? Try it for your blogs, it's kinda fun. I love looking back on previous posts. :)


Mark and Jessica said...

Aren't your toes stunted because you danced point for so many years, or is that someone else I'm thinking of?

If I got that right, it can only mean I have a serious problem with blog stalking!!

I like your idea with feet, but couldn't help but notice that my shoes (much less my kids) are NEVER that organized in the closet - amazing.

I think the post turned out great!

leaner said...

Love them. I love the trampoline picture as well.
(It was ballet that stunted your toesies, no?)

Jennifer ♥ said...

Love this post - I actually LIKE feet :)

I remember you talking about how ballet ruined your toes - the nail polish is great!!

Amanda said...

I know! I know! You were in ballet and then walked on your toes permanently for years after. Didn't a school teacher swat you every time she saw you on your toes?

Christine #2 said...

Science experiments to pay college tuition.

Oh, sorry...It vas za dance! (In my crazy Russian accent)

Anonymous said...

Okay since I'm not allowed to say what stunted your toes I'll make something up. If I remember from my youth correctly it had to do with your alien abduction right? AAAAAAAHHHHHHH I remember it like it was yesterday....... the bright lights, the spinning saucer overhead, the people screaming, what a special time that was. And then of course the aliens grabbed you and began to torture you by shortening your middle toe, OH the horror! The humanity! Not JUST the middle toe!!! Then of course I came to the rescue with my trusty Red Rider BB gun. I shot them-there aliens dead in the eyeballs! They let you go purty darn quick after that. Something like that if I remember it right.


Ami said...

I was thinking the same as Jessica- that it was because of ballet.

Liz said...

Big kuddos on the 12 of 12 I myself wish I will take time sometime to do it.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I LOVED this 12 of 12!!! I think its my fav.. I love your spin on it. And dont be mad if I copy it sometime. hehee ;)

I must say your toes are a bit stubby, but still so very cute!

Boys sure are hard on shoes.. I get so excited when I get a good sale. I got both younger boys new tennis shoes the other day at Kohls total spent $16.47!!! I was dyin' I was so happy! ;)

Margee' said...

Amie, thank you for the comment on my blog, you're about the only one that comments! :) Yep! It doesn't look like things will calm down for a long time!

As for feet, I grew up having to wear boys shoes, girls were not wide enough for my feet. I've now had foot surgery on both feet, a little easier to find shoes.

Sher said...

luv the feet theme. I'm new to the 12 of 12. I like it, I'll try it this month! I love the trampoline pic and the last one of you! makes me want to do yoga :)