Saturday, February 27, 2010

the reason

Regarding yesterday's question about why my toes are just so durn funky, you all 'danced' around it *giggle* except for Amanda who hit the (toe) nail right on the head!

Yes, it started in ballet as a small child that I would walk on my toes. But I then continued to walk on my toes all the time, from age 4 to 9, without the aid of ballet! Yup, 4th grade and I had an awful habit of walking on my toes. As Amanda mentioned in the comments, I had an evil 1st grade teacher who was trying to cure me of this (as well as the habit of biting my fingernails) and so she made me wear a sign on my back at school that said: I must walk flat!! If you see me on my toes, give me a swat!

So randomly throughout the day, kids got to beat on my first grade self. Isn't that awful? Can you imagine a teacher doing such a thing nowadays? Ms. Manion I hope you are rotting somewhere hot!

Her tactics still didn't work because I did it for another three years, stunting the growth of my toes and building massive calf muscles that are the bane of my existence today.

Amanda, how did you know/remember that about me?? We must have really had some great share sessions as college roommates back in the day! I'm gonna send you a little gift in the mail for getting the answer correct!


Anonymous said...

You mean my alien abduction theory wasn't right? Man!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

oh yeah that would NOT fly in todays world. A sign on your back? That is humiliating. arghh.

Have a great weekend!

tif-do said...

I didn't read in time... I so could of answered that question!

Sher said...

It looks like you got rid of the habit :) I stared at your toes enough to notice anything!