Saturday, February 6, 2010

things you can buy for $100

Just a few more days left to enter the V8 V-Fusion $100 gift card contest over on my review blog!

What can $100 buy you?

  • about 200 candy bars
  • 2 pairs of jeans at The Gap
  • a doctor's office co-pay through my insurance company (grrr)
  • a really great hair coloring at a nice salon
  • dinner for 2 at The Melting Pot (I so want to go there some day...maybe for dessert?)
  • a one-way airline ticket from Los Angeles to Phoenix (I have proof of this one)
  • 2 balcony seats at the theatre
  • 100 songs on itunes
  • 2 1/2 fillups at the gas station
  • about 8 minutes with a lawyer
  • an hour-long massage
  • a passport (I have the receipts)
  • 2 seasons of extracurricular activities through your city's rec. department
  • 20 pounds of gumballs
  • 5 new release DVDs
  • about 50 boxes of cereal, if it's on sale
  • a really great run at the scrapbook store
  • a new cell phone
  • an accountant to do your taxes this spring
  • a digital camera (hmm...this is what I would buy...)
  • 2,900,000 grains of rice
Ok I'm done, you get the point. $100 could get you a lot of great things! Go enter!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

wow, and all the sudden Im in a panic to get my buns down to parks and rec to get Hunter signed up for soccer.. its the only Saturday they are opened!

Great list! I could use a bunch of those things.

also.. your comment about Dr.Feelgood made my day! hahahaa Hilarious!!!:)

Roger said...

Such an interesting question...what can I get for a hundred dollars.

I was quite perplexed, so I thought I would go around and find out.

I drove around and rolled my window down and asked some lady that very question. I can't figure out why she was so offended. It was a simple question.