Friday, February 5, 2010

uploaded lately on my ipod

"Somewhere Only We Know" -- Lifehouse

"Say Hey (I Love You)" -- Michael Franti and Spearhead

"Hey, Soul Sister" -- Train

"Wishing Well" -- Airborne Toxic Event (who's name means a lot more to me now that I'm taking this Microbiology excuse me while I go bathe myself in bleach)

"Poker Face" -- Daughtry

"Swing Swing" -- All American Rejects

"Waking up in Vegas" -- Katie Perry

and about 28 (no exaggeration) songs from Glee. I *heart* the music in that show...could care less for the characters and the story line, but the singing is so fun! Here are several of my favorites:

"Don't Stop Believing"

"Defying Gravity"

"Somebody to Love"

"Sweet Caroline" (just love Puck's voice!)

"The Thong Song" (I can't help it, the picture of Mr. Shuester singing and dancing around to this song just makes me happy)

"Alone" (with Kristin Chenoweth)

"I'll Stand By You" (Finn's voice has totally grown on me)

Do you see why I have 28 of them downloaded? They're so good!

What are you listening to?


Roger said...

Why is it...that I've never even heard of most of the songs you upload on your iPod?

I'm so out of touch.:)

leaner said...

I made a "twilight" playlist, Muse, Death Cab for Cutie and the Twilight and New Moon soundtrack.

Christine #2 said...

The same, but you heard that the other night. I love Finn's voice! But, I love just about everything on that show.

Emily said...

I just downloaded to my computer that song by Train-love it! And I'm glad you like Wishing Well, but now I want to know what it means.

Emily said...

Please ignore last comment-you meant airborne toxic event, not wishing well. :)

Christine said...

I just up loaded the following and have them on re-play while the baby dances, lol.

Imma Be - Black Eye Peas
Carry Out - Timbaland
BedRock - Young Money
Tic Tok - Kesha

Dance party in the living room - hey!!!

Liz said...

I don't have an I pod but seriously thinking of getting the shuffle.?>

Lorie said...

I just downloaded the Train song today. And Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls.

Anonymous said...

I haven't uploaded forever. I love that you got 17 layouts done in January. I haven't scrapped since October. My condolences on ole' blue. Tammi

Anonymous said...

Train and All American Rejects? Solid! I'm finally turning you to the dark side. Okay, so I've recently uploaded and been listening to non-stop the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. I sing along as loud as I can! "We do the weird stuff!"