Thursday, April 29, 2010

120 kindergartners and me

I swear I've blogged that title before in years past with one of my other kiddos, but I can't find it and I don't have the patience to look for it in order to link to it. Just trust me that I've ventured into the wild wild world of kindergarten field trips before, and it is always a reason for extra tylenol joy. :)

This time around they went to the Children's Museum, which we've attended many times before and really enjoy. Having been there a half-dozen times already, I felt secure enough to roam around, knowing what I'd find on each floor, etc. Ethan's teacher was very kind and only assigned me one other kiddo-just about as hyper as Ethan himself-but the two of them amid the hundreds and hundreds of other kids at the museum that day kept me quite on my toes.

Love the museum, love that schools take their field trips there, but man, I wish they'd try to plan on less busy days. There were way too many schools and way too many kids there. The children could hardly move for that first hour, and the chaos it created (especially by the notion of losing them amid the sea of little people) could have possibly been avoided. Thus, this was our situation.

I have lots of other pictures, but drat if the name tags they are wearing depict my kiddo's school, and I really don't feel like editing a bazillion of them. So you get the following for your viewing pleasure. :)


Here are the two crazies I was in charge of.


Such camera hogs!


Think we look alike?


I love the little grocery store room, but this was the most crowded spot; I think we spent approximately 18 seconds in here.


Then onto the ball room.



The noodle forest. We got yelled at multiple times for running and not staying with our adult. Didn't we, children? (not yelled at by me-by the staff nazi lady who kept telling me to stay with them in an acre of noodles that essentially makes one blind until emerging out the other end. Yeah, right, lady.)

DSCF5167 DSCF5172

DSCF5191 DSCF5192

As much as I love the paint-the-castle set-up in the art room, I hate how dirty the kiddos get. The other child I was watching literally got paint all over his hair somehow.


Race cars pushed down an awesome racetrack.


A break for fake ice cream.

DSCF5195 DSCF5196

I love how it looks like Ethan is whispering a great secret to his friend here. DSCF5199 DSCF5201

This is Ethan's typical I-am-so-excited face. Suck in your bottom lip and say "Ohhhh!" real excited-like and you have Ethan's over-bite facial expression here. (See the racecar picture above for a frontal view)


We got back to the school at around 1:30. I slept on the bus on the way home.


Amanda said...

I've always wanted to take the kids there. Maybe we'll get over there this summer? Looks like fun!!

laurie b said...

field trips are fun for kids and a vital part of education. however, as a teacher... i end up not sleeping the night before as i pour over every detail to make sure i didn't forget something in the planning. then, the whole trip, i am constantly counting kids. when all is said and done, i'm always glad we went but am absolutely exhausted!

i'm glad Ethan's class had a great time and thankful there are parents like you who are willing to take the plunge with us!

Anonymous said...

"I have no response to that."

Name that movie......


jinxi~ aka angi said...


I love his excited look! hehee.. the pic of you guys all together is GREAT.. you look sooo very happy!

These kids they do keep us young.

ps: there is a bit of a resemblance ;)

Liz said...

You are a brave woman..
How fun

Heidi E. said...

Looks like they had fun but I agree with Liz.. You are a brave woman ♥ Love your picture of your boys in your header of your blog..

Dahlene said...

Looks like a ton of fun! You'll never get to do that again. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much it wiped you out.