Monday, May 3, 2010

and just like that, my youngest child is six years old

(lots of pics ahead)

Seriously, time flies, ya'll. 

I remember so many details about my pregnancy and delivery with him.  Even though I only gained 17 lbs total with him, I still was compared to looking like an Easter Egg around the time he was due.  He was a repeat C-section, but did not cry for the first 20-30 seconds after birth.  They got him breathing and crying, let me see him for a second, and then whisked away to the NICU due to fluid in his lungs.  I didn't even get to hold him until the end of his second day alive!  My biggest complaint from my 4-day hospital stay was the fact that I was the only C-section mom with a baby in the NICU on the first floor, yet I was on the 2nd floor of the hospital if I remember right.  But worse than that was having to leave the hospital and go home without him for a week.  Heartbreak.

But all ended up well. 

One big thing everyone will tell you about Ethan, he was and still is a very smiley kid.  Even as a baby, he just smiled and smiled.  He's still very much like that.  I love him lots and lots and am so glad he's in our family.

For E's day off school, he and I hit Denny's for breakfast (what else?!).  Dad was at work, so it was just a mother-son date!


 DSCF5221 DSCF5224

Then we hit up the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie, which I have to admit, was really funny.  We both laughed a lot.



That afternoon and before the boys came home from school, he decided he wanted to do some slip n' slide action in the back yard.

DSCF5251 DSCF5248DSCF5239 

Later that night, we ate at Red Robin (woot woot!  my favorite place too!) and joined our friends for dinner and a giant dessert! 

DSCF5258 DSCF5253

It was a fun day for this little guy.


(Sorry Chris, I saw this and just had to put it in here)

Saturday, for his actual party, he chose the special outing of a trip to the zoo with Grandma.

100_2558 100_2559

They went to the Wildlife World Zoo here in town-so expensive that we've never been, even though it's only like 5 minutes away.


100_2592 100_2585     100_2612 100_2615 100_2620 100_2622 100_2624  100_2630 100_2633 100_2634

He had fun with the turtles, parrots, giraffes, and much much more. 

    100_2640 100_2641  100_2643   100_2645

He rode the log ride, the tram, the skyrail, the carousel, the boat, and ate a giant snow cone.  He fed manta rays, fish, deer, and goats.  What a nice birthday trip!

Then, we invited some neighbor kids over and had "UP" cupcakes.  Sooo easy.  I thought it came out pretty cute, and felt that I'd redeemed myself from Cameron's ghost cake last month.  Ha. 



Love you kiddo!


hairball said...

Yet another bday cake idea I am stealing from your blog. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

How cute are those pictures! And that cake was adorable! Happy B-day Ethan!


Teri said...

fun times!!! I so want to go to that zoo but so expensive!!...can you believe we almost sung to him for a 3rd time on sunday!!!HA! Hope he had a great birthday!

laurie b said...

sounds like Ethan had a great birthday. he is such a sweetie! how did you frost those cupcakes so perfect??? yum!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

WHAT AN AWESOME birthday!!!!

I have to admit when I saw the header I didnt want to read it because I thought Id cry.. but Im so happy I took the plunge.

What a great kid, and you are right.. he is sure smiley.. love it!!!
I love the slip n slide photos.. what a fun afternoon and the interaction with the animals.. wow.. that was so cool!

happy birthday to your baby!!!

Lorie said...

The cake turned out great!!!

Delfina said...

Sounds like a very exciting birthday!