Thursday, April 8, 2010

photo shoot pics

To snag your own photo shoot with rock star Christine, visit her blog here or email her at

There's nearly a hundred more - again, kudos to an awesome photographer! - in so many different shades and exposures.  It's hard to pick favorites when each looks better than the last!  I have to admit Christine had her hands full:  Cameron has a goofy expression or is not looking at the camera in probably 90% of the shots.  I know those will be near and dear to my heart as he grows up.  But for now, I just want him to look at the dang camera!

Click on these to get a nicer full-size view. :)


17335 See what I mean?



Saguaro Ranch Park is such a great site for photo shoots.




17     79

This family shot and the next  one of me and Dan are my favorites.  :)  (if only I could photoshop in a smile on Danny. . .)


100 107

I won't show you the R-rated one that was taken just before this.  My husband has wandering hands.  :p  (incidentally I think that one was his favorite)


Just when, exactly, did my boys get so big??




Gasp, I LOVE this one.  The boy can take a nice picture when he gets serious. 

 152 164


Which one's your favorite?  Let Christine know!


Casey Lu said...

She definitely does a wonderful job! I also like the same ones you do! Such photogenic kids!! Also love the quote she put on the pic of you and Dan!

Jenna said...

I love them all, they're great!

Christine said...

Aw thanks for the kudos! I think my favorite is the one of the boys hanging and kissing on you, even if Cam isn't looking at the camera. Your smile is so happy :) I had fun, as always. I need to post about the near poultry gang fight I witnessed while waiting to start the shoot, lol.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Gosh you are right, with each it kept getting better and better.

I absolutely LOVE the one of the boys and you! Great photography! Beautiful family.. the boys are just so dang handsome!

ps: I think Todd and Danny have something in common with those wandering hands. hahaa ;) MEN! ;)

Jennifer ♥ said...

Great pictures!! My favorite is the one of you and Dan in the doorframe. Very sweet! ♥

laurie b said...

I loved looking at all these pictures! What a treasure to have, especially as the boys continue to grow and change (which they tend to do.) :-) A favorite is hard to choose but I got a huge smile on my face when I saw the one of you and the boys where Ethan is giving you a kiss.

wittygal said...

I love family pictures! I really like your clothing choice. You all look so great!