Monday, June 28, 2010

a little fire restriction won't slow us down-or, the h-family goes camping

Yes indeed, we took off for a few days of cooler weather, sleeping outside, and s'more-making.  We'd checked that fires were allowed a couple days previous, but as our luck turned out, the fire restrictions for Coconino Forest started the very day we set out.  So, our choices were:  camp out in the forest without fire, or camp in a campground with fire.  We made the choice to try out the Blue Ridge Crossing campground.

So glad we did-we had a great time.  I have no problem roughing it and pooping in the woods when necessary, but having toilets and running water close by is a definite plus!  We had a great little spot; behind us and down the mountain a bit was a great site for fort-building, complete with boulders, previously-made-by-other-campers' retaining walls, and more.   All four boys spent hours back there playing war.

We swam and ate fun foods, hiked, cliff-dived, played a bit of frisbee and badmitton, read books ("Eragon"-bah!  What a waste of 2.5 days of quiet!) played lots of games, and in general just had  a really quick but nice few days away. 

You want pictures right?  Well, I got 180 of them.  Here are some of my faves:

 DSCF5713 DSCF5726 DSCF5728 DSCF5736 DSCF5738 DSCF5747 DSCF5753 DSCF5756 DSCF5765 DSCF5773 DSCF5779 DSCF5788 DSCF5790 DSCF5807 DSCF5810 DSCF5817 DSCF5833 DSCF5842 DSCF5843 DSCF5846 DSCF5850 DSCF5885DSCF5878 DSCF5883


Jenna said...

That looks like a lot fun. That's it, we're going camping!!

Amanda said...

Looks like tons of fun. Can't wait til my little ones are old enough to do more stuff like this. Right now I stress the entire time about them wondering too far and loosing them.

If you make it up to the Rim country this summer, let me know. We'll be there most of July finishing that house.

Have fun!

Becky said...

You look great in these pictures! Have you lost weight? You look so skiny!

Anonymous said...

"You wanna burn a couple of vacation days and go camping?


"What if I told you that you get to sleep in a bag and crap in the woods?"

"Uh, I still wouldn't want to go....."

"You get to wake up covered in a rash."

"Okay, I'll go."


Dahlene said...

We love camping too! It's always fun with 5 boys. We haven't been yet this year and probably won't get to until late August. We hope to go to Yellowstone. You could join us if you'd like.

laurie b said...

looks like some good, old-fashion, summer family fun!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

This looks like SOOOO much fun!!! Great pics.. I wish I could see all 180.. I just love em'!

ps: you look FABULOUS!!!

pss: The boys in the water together, that is my fav pic! :)

psss: That was ONE BIG BEE!!!

wittygal said...

I love camping, you make it look so easy. We need to go camping!