Wednesday, July 28, 2010

third stop: heaven (otherwise known as cedar breaks)

OK, seriously, I am in love with this next place.

At one point, I literally spun around like Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music" and started singing about the hills being alive.  It was gorgeous, about 75 degrees, and just a little slice of heaven in the middle of the desert.  At 10,300 feet.

Cedar Breaks is about 35ish minutes north of Cedar City-an area known for the beautiful red rock, but at an extremely high elevation surrounded by Pine Trees.  My kids thought we were on the road to our camping site!  It looked and smelled similar for a while, until we broke out on top of the meadow and stopped for a picnic.


I know, right??

DSCF6279 DSCF6283


I can't help it.  I am such a poser.


The clouds came rollin' in, but we never got any rain out of it.  And though it was 75 degrees, we were up so high that we all got a tad sunburned.



So we headed on over to the actual state park-this is what it's all about.  The view, the cliffs, the red rock, canyon.

DSCF6291  DSCF6296 DSCF6298

Mi mami y papi.


The signing in, stamping, and swearing in of the three newest Junior Rangers.  (and may I add, helloooo Mr. Ranger Cutie-Pants.)


I grew up in a state park and I never met rangers cute like this one. 

Anyway, moving along.  (ahem)

After the kiddos completed the assigned tasks, they were sworn in.  So cute.

DSCF6308  DSCF6310

Making it all official.  (And yes, I see his wedding band.  I have one too.  He was all of about 23 years old.)


It was a really fun encounter for the kiddos.

Later we went out for chinese buffet.  Yummiest meal I've had in two months!  (for those of you who don't know, I've been on a real strict diet program since mid-May-19 lbs down, yay)  It was the only non-diet-protocol meal I ate in the four days of vacation.  I was mighty proud of myself.

I have to throw this pic in just for fun-my van had gotten tar on it after cruising through some construction on the drive up, so we took it to a drive-through car wash.  Seriously, you woulda thought this was the highlight of the trip for the kids. 


Yes.  Hands up.  For a car wash. 

We need to get out more.


Anonymous said...

So no crush on Ranger Ed? Huh........


Dahlene said...

That Cedar Breaks photo is gorgeous. There are some beautiful places in Utah. I hope you get to visit Bryce Canyon. You will fall in love with it. That park ranger is definitely cute...and you are right--most park rangers are not that handsome.

*lindsey said...

Great pictures! That makes me miss Cedar a lot, exspecially right now. And yes, how do you do, Mr. Cutie Pants Park Ranger!

Monica McCoy said...

awesome... i want to get outta town now

jinxi~ aka angi said...

That sure was some beautiful scenery.. including Mr. Ranger-Cutie Pants LOL ;)
and my dear you look marvelous!!!

The boys getting sworn in was as cute as all get out.. they will never forget this!!!! :)

ps: I loved your menu LOL.. Im going to post what we REALLY ended up having on Sunday. hahaa You'll see how often our plans go south. That is normal right? ;)