Tuesday, July 27, 2010

second stop: cedar city's pioneer museum

We stayed about 2 hours, which was probably an hour too long for the kids, but there was at least some hands-on stuff they could do.  It was a pretty cool museum with potential for lots more hands-on stuff (building a log cabin, churning butter, sheep-shearing demonstration, etc).  And on a side note, this was my first time in Cedar-what an adorable little city!


("Mr Squinty" is back.)

DSCF6207 DSCF6275DSCF6213

  DSCF6234 DSCF6220 Super cool and HUGE model train display.

DSCF6221 DSCF6222 DSCF6224  DSCF6228  DSCF6230 DSCF6231

The kids area had lots of little things to do, coloring, building with lincoln logs, puzzles, etc.


I thought this display of all the different brands was so cool.

 DSCF6235 DSCF6242

I love these old chess-board tables.

DSCF6244 DSCF6246 Say cheese!

 DSCF6250 DSCF6257  DSCF6265 DSCF6268 DSCF6270

I'm quite jealous of the garden!

It was a great site, but pretty big and since it was around 105 outside, we didn't do the outdoor stuff much.  I sure would make a lousy pioneer!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love going to places like this!

So cool and I love the photos of the Book of Mormon, the brands-awesome and the loom. That loom picture brings back awesome memories of my great-grandpa.

I sooo would have made a lincoln log cabin too ;) hehee

ps: Love your cheese paparazzi!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

pss: The chess table is so cool! The guys have been wanting a huge checker set like the ones at Cracker Barrell.. but if I could do up something like this, they'd have storage in the drawer for the checkers and Id have an end table for the room as well. Cool cool!

Anonymous said...



Jenna said...

THat looks like a really fun place! We haven't spent a lot of time in Cedar either, but it seems like a great little town.

Dahlene said...

You are in Cedar City? You need to drive 3 hours north to see us now! I'm glad you had fun. If you are impressed with that garden you should see mine and others around here. They are huge!