Tuesday, August 17, 2010

about yesterday's pity party...

Umm, sorry about that. I actually feel much better now. *smile*

I wrote that Sunday when I was feeling rather discoruaged, sappy, and sentimental and had just got done watching a real tear jerker movie ("Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" based on the book that is equally as good and sad--anyone read it? Sigh....) and I'd already been crying all afternoon so that post just came out.

I'm also in the middle of the second round of my crazy-yet-effective diet and I think the lack of carbs was getting to me! Oh pasta, how I miss you!

But I want to thank ya'll for your kind words and great suggestions of things I can do to fill my time and keep busy. Some really good ones, I appreciate it! And as someone so correctly put it, once I'm in nursing school, I'll be begging for these low-key/low-stress days. :)

Yesterday I went with Dan out to the East side as he was running some errands, and get this: I went to IKEA for the first time! Yup, I was a Swedish-Furniture-Newbie. Man, you could spend half a day in that store and still not see everything. It's pretty amazing. It'd be even more fun if I had any money! :)

So another busy week ahead of us, even with kids in school--they're doing great, liking their teachers, and so far having a successful start to the school year. They're good kids, and growing up so fast. We've settled into a really good schedule--that 7:30-8:30 hour can get pretty crazy without one, so I'm happy we have a routine to follow.

When would I squeeze in school/a job if I had one?! lol


Lorie said...

I am glad that you are feeling better! And I can't believe you have never been to Ikea! *sigh* I live super close to one here, but I like the set up in Tempe better (where the market is on the bottom floor...here you have to go through the entire display area to get to the market.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I just read yesterdays post today.. and I can tell you that I often can relate to this feeling. And I remember my Mom feeling this exact way. Luckily for us we have our boys unconditional love to get us through these rough spots.. but yeah.. its an "eh" feeling for sure.

and yes.. I read that book and I was so freaking upset that I threw the book across the room after reading it. hahaa. I sobbed for days after reading it.

Ikea is cool, but I dont think I would shop there often if it was near me.. its kinda like Pier 1 to me. Maybe I feel that way because I never have cash for it either! LOL ;)

*lindsey said...

Ikea, my boyfriend! I love that store, right down to the meatballs. (that sounded dirtier than I intended).

Also, I forgot to add on my list of things to do with your spare time:

Paint your cabinets and ceiling fans!