Thursday, September 23, 2010

secretariat review

Blogher gave us 5 free tickets to see an advanced screening of Disney's "Secretariat" last night, not because they wanted a review out of me, but because they're nice peeps like that. :)

So we headed on down to the theatre and joined several others in line waiting for seating. As I was standing there with my book, I worried a bit that the movie would be a bit too grown up for my kids. It's not a children's movie, but it did look like it was marketed to be a family movie, so I was hopeful.

We sat down in the way way back, passing several roped off sections--which always makes me wonder, who are those roped off seats for? I always assume its for press or media or other 'professional' reviewers. After Danny watched several people talk to a woman with a clipboard and then seat themselves in this special section, he asked Sean to go see if we were on the list. I rolled my eyes.

But when Sean came back and said we were on the list *jaw drop* we got up and moved ourselves to the special seating right in the front middle. Very cool!

Anyway, the movie was long and started a bit late, but I think its safe to say we all enjoyed it. There was enough action with all the horse racing to keep my kids interested. In fact, several times I looked over at them and noticed them literally on the edge of their seat, or bouncing up and down as they willed Secretariat to run faster!

This movie is based on a true story. For those of you (like me) unaware, Secretariat was a champion-bred horse in the 70s. He was the first horse to win the Triple Crown (3 big races in a row) in 25 years, and his stats from the third race have not been rivaled since. The story follows Penney (played by Diane Lane), a middle-aged housewife who inherits the horses from her parents when they fall ill and pass away. She basically turns the farm around, changes up the trainer (who is played by John Malkovich--not my favorite person, but in this he is brilliant and the comedy kids really got a kick out of his lines...and golf swing), and throws her heart and soul into training this Big Red horse.

It was very exciting and the pace kept my children interested, no small feat considering my youngest is 6. Again I wouldn't say this is necessarily a kids' movie, but it served really well as a family movie. It was rated PG, and I can't think why except for the presence of alcohol being consumed in several scenes?

The release date is Oct 8th, I believe, and if you get the chance I suggest you take your family to see "Secretariat".


Emily said...

That's so cool-you were like a celebrity! Now I want to see the movie.

Lorie said...

We get to go see it tongiht. My hubby is out of town, but a friend and I are taking my two older kids. My daughter (almost 7) has been talking about the movie since she saw the previews (she is in a horse phase) so I am looking forward to it.

laurie b said...

i saw the previews and thought it looked like a great movie. i was a bit horse crazy as a girl, and it was the seventies, so i definitely remember secretariat. thanks for the review! and that is super cool, being on "the list". :-)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Great review. I am planning on buying my co worker tickets.. she is a "horse" person.

Hunter keeps telling me that someone he knows father is in this movie.. I still dont know who he is talking about. sighs*

Im glad you got a chance to see a good movie on blogher!

Di said...

Looks like you are a famous blogger so I'm glad you included your link in the email you sent me. Now I can get an insight into the famous Ethan's family :)

heather said...

i want to see that, i hope it comes to our little base theatre.

Secretariat 2010 said...

i want to thank you for the review. i know disney's movies usualy fit fo all family but i wasn't sure about this one. you solved the problem! thank you!