Monday, September 27, 2010

weekend update

No clever posts roaming around my head today, but wanted to just mention our busy weekend.

Saturday started with Flag Football pictures and game for Cameron--he's really enjoying it and getting much better. He's awesome at defense and loves grabbing that flag!

Later we all went to the Primary Program practice at the church. All year long, the kids have been learning new songs and concepts in preparation for a big annual program. Dan happened to be working on Sunday, so he went with us to the practice at least.

That evening was the Relief Society General Conference broadcast, which is always uplifting and fulfilling. Following that I went out with a bunch of gals to Macayo's--I didn't eat (am on my 3rd round of HCG) but I still enjoyed the talk (and smells and eating vicariously through them! ha!) and had a fun night.

Sunday was the actual Primary Program and it couldn't have gone better! Both Ethan and Cameron said their parts perfectly and had ideal behavior during the program. Sean did a short clarinet solo to "Follow the Prophet" and he, too, did his part perfectly. I was a proud momma! Later, many people came up to him and me and commented on his talent. I was very pleased that he'd get over his anxiety of doing something new and performing in front of people and do it so well. :) And thanks to Grandma and our friends who came to watch.

What did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Work.....UGH. Oh, and we went to the Randalph House to do service on Sunday.


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Awww.. what great accomplishments for the boys! I bet you were PROUD!!!

We cleaned out our sheds/organized and just hung out. :)

Casey Lu said...

Definitely sounds like a busy yet fun weeekend! I totally missed the Broadcast because of Morgan's family party. So jealous you went to Macayo's! I LOVE their nachos and salsa! I could just eat their salsa and chips and nothing else!
This weekend we had the kids friends over on Friday night, then was busy baking and cooking Saturday for our family to come over to BBQ, then had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday, watched Cali and another girl battle over snacks during sacrament, and then for her to have separation anxiety during nursery but did way better than the last few weeks. But, definitely paid for it last night! Hope you have a good week this week! By the way what is HCG?
When does everyone want to get together to scrap?

Margee' said...

Out of our 7 grandkids, we have 3 grand daughters the play soccer and 2 grandsons that play football.