Thursday, October 21, 2010

beauty & the beast - - or, a date night out with my hubby

LOL!!  Sorry, couldn't resist that one.


Yes, we got to go see Beauty & the Beast at Gammage this week!  *love!*  I so enjoy these productions.  So well done and so fun to get out and do something different.


  DSCF6853 He.





Pictures didn't go so well during the show, but here are some lovely stock ones I found online.  :)



I really enjoyed it!  We hope to go to Shrek in January and Les Miserables in June 2011 if anyone's interested in joining us!  :) 


Christine said...

What day of the week are you going to see Shrek? This production looks like it was very well done. I'm planning on surprising DJ by taking him to LA to see Wicked for his B'day in April :)

tif-do said...

Looks fun, I can't wait to go on Saturday! Oh and you are looking pretty hot there lady!

Jenna said...

So fun, I LOVE going to see plays on a date!

Christine #2 said...

We are interested in Shrek!

Jennifer said...

That's so cool! I saw it (@ Gammage too) like 10 years ago and I still love it. That song they do in the bar is the best.

Monica McCoy said...

So fun! Amie, you look awesome!

laurie b said...

date nights are such fun! sometimes i enjoy the people watching as much as the actual event itself. :-)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

YAY for date nights!!! ;)

ps: You are lookinggggg gooooood! :)

heather said...

should have scrolled down first. You look great, and what a fun date. Oh and you look good too danny. smile.