Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ice cream FHE with friends

Except that we got to having too much fun, we forgot to actually have Family Home Evening, but it was still fun!

This was in honor of Dan’s birthday now that he has stopped with the vomit. :) His favorite treat is ice cream, so we had all the families bring their favorite ice cream toppings. Some of the concoctions were a bit bizarre...

Had a house full which means lots of fun and laughs.


Christine said...

LOL, we didn't make it into any photos. It was a fun night for sure. DJ totally mentioned on the way home that we didn't do an activity for the FHE part. We just laughed and deamed it an FHE on sharing since we shared the ice cream and toppings. Thanks for the invite! :)

laurie b said...

yum! i love the photo collage - how'd you do that?