Friday, October 8, 2010

gift from a bloggy friend

I was so surprised and excited to receive this beautiful handmade gift from my online friend Angi yesterday! No special reason she made it and sent it to me...just because. :) Angi's from St. Louis; go visit her blog and say hello!

Don't you love the internet? I've made dozens of 'keeper' friends I've never even met! So so sweet.

Thanks Ang! I love it so much! The colors are beautiful. Thanks for being so thoughtful!


Teri said...

very cute!! and congrats on the schooling!! January right?

Liz said...

Omg I remember her cool how sweet that is so cool. Yes I know I am grateful for the internet it brought us 2gether. And look at sweet amber that was so cool that we both met her xoxo

Dahlene said...

How neat! I have some awesome online friends too! I hope to meet one of them someday. We have so much in common.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Awww, Im so happy it fits your picture perfectly and you like it!.. :)
ps: Im from St.Louis ;) hehee

and one day we will meet.. we just have to! :)