Thursday, October 7, 2010

junk food bonanza!!

Just look at this spread.


Major junk food bonanza.


One might ask, what is the occasion?


What kind of get together were we having?

(pictured, Cameron's pumpkin patch you will hear more about next week)


How many people were we planning for with this bounteous feast?

(pictured, something completely disgusting for the body but I just can't help it, I love puffy cheetos!)


Surely a dozen or two. . . right?

(pictured, my hubby & kids' favorite, BBQ chips)


Surely half the neighborhood was invited?

(pictured, another one for Mom: my favorite cookies right now, and since the following day I started my 4th round of the HCG diet, I had to make sure to get in one or two of these bad boys. Ok, more like 10. There's some left in the freezer and just typing about them is making me yearn.)


Umm no.

(pictured, our General Conference tradition, cinnamon rolls! I made about 4 dozen of these and shared them with friends and neighbors. I used Pioneer Woman's recipe this time-all but the icing-and they were pretty darn good)


This was all for us.

(pictured, Sean's pick, can't beat M&Ms in any flavor!)


Because it was LDS General Conference weekend (church broadcast on TV in four different sessions Sat/Sun).

(pictured, Ethan's pick, hot cheetos. We are a cheeto-lovin' family really. The kids and I all love the hot ones. Dan thinks we're nuts.)


And we allow ourselves a mega junk food binge!

(pictured, Dan's choice, ice cream with magic shell. Yummm.)


Seriously, it's embarassing.

Don't tell our dentist.


Jenna said...

My keyboard is getting wet from all my drool!! YUM! (except for the cheetos...not my thing)

Jennifer ♥ said...

I don't see anything wrong with eating all of that - looks yummy!! What are in the cookies you like?

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I have a tummy ache already. LOL

OneHappyfamily said...

I have been wanting to make her rolls for a long time... Are they awesome? Junk food ROCKS!

Jan Garber said...

I just hope there were no fatalities! And coming from a nurse, at that! LOL! Congrats on being accepted in Nursing School!!! I'm so proud of you! And raising the boys,a nd that man! hahaha! When you gonna scrap, girl? Miss you, we have to get together soon!