Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gettin' some z's

We are seriously slacking on our 25 Days of Gratitude (which at this point is something like 27 maybe?). We chose a really good one yesterday and since the kids are always out an hour early on Mondays, we had plenty of time to do it.

But instead, I took a nap.

And people, that is big time because I am not a napper. Never have been. Not as a kid, not as a pregnant woman, I just don't like napping--it makes me all groggy and fuzzy for the rest of the day and I always end up feeling worse for doing it. But this time,I was exhausted, had a headache, and my bed was just a'calling, so I got the kids busy with their friends and movies etc and hit the hay for about an hour and a half. When I woke up it was time to make dinner and from then on out the evening was gone.

Felt good actually. I still went to bed early last night--as I mentioned, it just makes me more tired for whatever reason--but I guess I needed it.

Do you nap? Sunday afternoons, during the week while the kids are at school, while your own are napping...do ya?


Jenna said...

I am a terrible napper!! It takes me the whole 'naptime' just to fall asleep for 20 minutes. So I usually forgo as well. I find I can get just as much rest by just laying down and reading...and NOT sleeping. However, there are rare days where my body can fall asleep during the day. And that's when I know I really needed it. So you must have really needed it!

Christine #2 said...

Whenever I can. Mostly on Sundays though. Before watching Emmalee, I napped when Harley did LOL.

Christine said...

LOVE me a good nap. Mondays I put the baby down and skip to my room for my 2 hour nap with a huge smile. I only like to nap when it's cold out though. Summer time I can't get comfortable enough to nap well.