Monday, November 22, 2010

gratitude day 20, ears

I was excited when we pulled this out of our Thankful Jar yesterday:


We don't usually listen to music or ipods on Sunday, but we did pull out all the Christmas CDs and got the Mannheim Steamroller music flowing!  We listened off and on all day (taking a nap to the slower softer medleys) and it really got me into the holiday spirit. I think I'm going to try to convince the hubby to start setting up Christmas lights tomorrow!


We definitely have a love for music in our house.  With a piano, a guitar, and a clarinet, 3 ipods, stereos in just about each room and hundreds and hundreds of songs in our Music Folder, we just about always have something playing at home and in the car.  Sean and I also love to sing and just about all of us love to dance, so we can say that we indeed are very grateful for music and our ears!

Side note:  when do you decorate for Christmas?  Last year I was totally of the mind that we needed to wait until Dec 1st, but this year I just can't wait!


Christine #2 said...

Our tree went up Saturday!

Courtney said...

We are all decorated inside and out. Go for it Amie!

Christine said...

Putting up the lights tonight and the tree on Saturday. Use to always do it thanksgiving night but since I have to work this year we're spreading it out. I've been listening to the music for a week already. And we watched our first christmas movie two weeks ago :)

Lorie said...

Day after Thanksgiving! Every year! That is when the lights go up and the tree goes up.

We are super excited to decorate this year since we had no decorations because of the move last year!

laurie b said...

when i was growing up, my dad wouldn't let us decorate or listen to holiday music until the day after thanksgiving. i must be the rule follower because both my brother and sister already have their trees up!