Thursday, November 11, 2010

gratitude day 10, brothers, and amie's new hair

First of all, new review over on my Review Blog, along with another chance at $100.  Check it!

Second, Ethan picked this out of our Gratitude Jar today:


That's something we have plenty of around here!

So, though I didn't get any pictures of it, any time one of the kids needed to do a chore, put something away, clean up a mess, etc, I got one of the others to do it for him.

For example, Cameron left his shoes in my room.  Something which he does approximately 3+ times a day, each and every day of his life.  :p  So Ethan took them to Cameron's closet for him.

Then Ethan left all the toothpaste and toothbrush stuff out on the sink.  Something which he does every single day of his life.  :p  So Sean cleaned up the sink for him.

They all made each others' beds and folded each others' blankets, you know, little things, but they actually did it quite happily knowing it was our Daily Grateful pick.  So, success!

And thirdly, I colored my hair today.  This isn't the best of pictures, but to give you an idea of my before and after:

IMG_0269IMG_0268  Before.and I have to note I almost didn't dye it today because I was really having a good hair day, lol.


And after.I guess I should have done it up the same way to give you a valid comparison, but my hair is always so soft and silky and conditioned after a coloring that I just wanted to leave it down and straight.

Right now it's looking rather Jean-esque a la X-Men, but the red'll tone down into a nice deep auburn in a week.  I think.

Fourthly, I bought my brother's Christmas present today. . . does that count for doing something nice for your brother?


jinxi~ aka angi said...

ooo la la.. look at you! I love it!

I love my brothers and am definitely thankful for them. :)

Jenna said...

ooohh....I like it, very wintery!

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair! Fun bumping into you the other day, I don't think I run into anyone more often than you! Wouldn't you know, after browsing dang goodwill for 40 minutes, the computers died and they couldn't take my card. Went home empty handed. Lame.

leaner said...

Your hair was looking really cute! LOL. Love the red.

Christine said...

Love the hair!!!!!!! You can rock the dark colors :)

laurie b said...

your hair looks beautiful - so vibrant and shiny!

Sher said...

I love rockin' the reds too, you look gorgeous in it, it makes your eyes pop! love it! keep it!