Sunday, November 14, 2010

gratitude day 13, turkeys, and a full day

I guess I've never really thought about turkeys as something to be thankful for, but certainly, the turkey is something of tradition for one of the nation's biggest holidays.  I love cooking my turkey each year--I don't do anything terribly original or clever with it, yet I know cooking one is intimidating due to size, weight, etc.  But turkeys are actually very very easy to prepare and cook.  They're just. . .well. . .heavy.

On a side note, I had some really yummy moist turkey at Golden Corral the other night.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.

But that's not the kind of turkey we're celebrating today, we're celebrating alive-type turkeys.

For our 25 Days of Gratitude, day 13, Sean pulled out this scroll:

 IMG_0413 IMG_0414

So we did just that!

This was right up Cameron's alley and he had one finished before I could even get out my scissors.  He made this out of a traced hand and some colored/painted popsicle sticks.


That boy could make art out of anything, I swear.


Sean had a friend over all day, so he didn't get in on the craft-making, but he took some pictures of the rest of us while we got to work.  Never knew I made such weird faces when I'm creating before.


We used felt, foam, and paper to make these last couple.

  IMG_0431IMG_0433 IMG_0434

If you know me, you know I don't like orange and brown and the dead dying harvesty color combo, so my Ethan's turkey ended up green and purple.  And I love it.

IMG_0437 These were too fun.  I think we're gonna have to make this particular craft an annual tradition, and find new creative ways to make turkeys each year for our decorations.

In other news, yesterday was one of those days that just did not stop! It started at 8:30a when we had to be at the ball field for Ethan's T-ball game from 9-10, was followed up by Cameron's game from 11:30 -1.  Here are just a few pics from his game (E's pics are on my phone and I'm so lame I don't know how to get those onto my blog)

 Copy of IMG_0417 Copy of IMG_0420 Copy of IMG_0423 Copy of IMG_0425

Then I went to a friend's home interior - type party where I think I got an awesome Christmas present for a sibling, then the turkey craft making and dinner, followed by the adult session of stake conference at the church.  I did it all alone as Dan was on shift, but it worked out.  My only regret is that I was unable to get Sean to or from the Boy Scout Merit Badge Round-Up (20 minutes away) and no one ever returned my calls about carpooling.  :(  So, ya can't win them all.  But it was a great, but busy, day.

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