Saturday, November 13, 2010

in honor of my hubby

So Dan got gypped a little bit out of his We are Grateful for Dads day; I thought I might write him a nice letter here just to say that we truly are thankful for him!


(modeling his new shirt for me. . . you should have seen the fun fashion show we had at Kohl's last night!)

He works so very hard for us; many 24-hr shifts a week, usually one or two overtime shifts, some with or without sleep--he puts in a lot of time so that we can pay our bills and still afford to go do nice things every now and then.  He's had some crummy partners and yucky situations at work, but he always goes, he never calls in sick, he works hard and well, and is very good at what he does.  We appreciate that!


He takes care of our home and yard so well!  He's always mowing and weed-eating, leaf-blowing and cleaning, tidying up the garage and yard, and usually out in the yucky heat!  It's tough work!  I can give him a Honey-Do list or a Fix-It list and he'll get right on it, saving us time and money.  He's great with projects and loves having something to work on.  This past week he was home a bit more than normal, so he did all of MY jobs!  (laundry, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc)  I don't deserve such goodness, but he knows I appreciate it and he loves making me happy!


He's so supportive of my crazy dieting habits!  There's a fine line between wanting me to be happy yet not allowing me to cheat (so that one lick of cream cheese frosting was ok, but after that, he moved his plate, ha!); we went about 6 months without any real dates because I couldn't eat out while on HCG, and we missed being with each other!  I know date night doesn't have to revolve around food, but I can't help it, I love to eat.  :)  He's very supportive of whatever protocol I'm following and always tells me I look fabulous besides.  He's awesome!


He's been so good about playing with the boys more, helping to work on scouts and Faith in God projects, baseball and T-ball, and whatever else comes up.  It's good for my men to all spend time together, and he's been so great at that lately.


Dan's an awesome example to me spiritually.  He hardly ever misses a day of prayer or scripture study (I'm doing better myself, but his habits are a constant reminder for me), he does his church calling well and without complaint (4.5 years running now?), he almost always does his home teaching, and he's great at giving the Family Home Evening lesson.  He loves taking me to the temple and loves saying companionship prayer with me in the evenings.  I wish I could be more like him.


He's a wonderful person, friend, husband, father, brother, and son.  He'd do anything for his family (and often does) and wants what is best for ours.  He's plugging along in school (although he hates it) in order to better himself and doesn't let life get him down.


(Sorry, couldn't resist this one--but look how skinny his tummy is!!)

I love you so much, Dan!  We appreciate all you do for us and are grateful for your love in return!


Liz said...

Ahhh how sweet!...What a great guy.!

Dahlene said...

Dan sounds a lot like Matt. I'd say we both got great catches. I love that I can give Matt a Honey-do list and it will get done in a short amount of time. There is nothing he can't fix, except maybe a dead cat. Hee Hee!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Dan looks incredibly hot. How do you keep your hands off him.Why do you even own a TV I would just spend all my time touching him .

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I almost feel guilty looking at the last pic of your hubby.. hehee
but I do loveee the shirt!

you are so sweet, Im sure he is happy to have you in his life!