Tuesday, November 16, 2010

gratitude day 15, sisters

Umm, so today we pulled out this:


We're a tad shy of sisters around here.

So we skipped this day.

However, we were plenty busy dealing with this all day:


Before and After pictures to come.

I'm thinkin' ya'll are getting bored with my 25 days of Gratitude. I went from an average of around around 4 or 5 comments a day to practically nothing.  LOL

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Christine #2 said...

Get any good shots of my hot hubby? Well you could have had the boys do something for some little girls in the Ward, that's as close to sisters as they are gonna get!

leaner said...

I like the gratitude posts! Keep them up, JUST FOR ME. :) They really are wonderful.

Casey Lu said...

Sorry, we have been sick over here. Not much going on other than dealing with three sick kiddos and myself. Can't wait to see what your up to in your back yard!

OneHappyfamily said...

What are you all doing?